Our Review On The Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit

Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit

If you loved the original Aspire Pegasus, get ready for a neat surprise because the Chinese company have just launched a brand new kit that’s mostly aimed at beginners and intermediate vapers who enjoy a good mouth to lung experience. It’s called the Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit and it includes the revolutionary Triton Mini tank, a great alternative for intense flavor and enhanced portability.

Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit full boxThe kit, besides the fact that it’s one of the best looking products I ever tested, comes packed with everything required for an amazing vaping experience and the design as well as the materials used are a clear testimonial that Aspire is still one of the leading manufacturer of personal vaporizers and vape accessories.

The Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit comes packed in a stylish black cardboard box, and inside you’ll find the mod itself, the Triton Mini Tank with a fitted 1.8 Ohm coil head, a spare Pyrex tube, two spare coils (1.2 Ohm Kanthal and 0.15 Ohm Nickel for temperature control), a micro-USB charging cable, and a very comprehensive user’s manual. The mod is powered by a single high drain 18650 battery (not included) and I do recommend using one with at least 20A.

The Pegasus Mini measures roughly 85x35x22(16)mm and it comes in three available colors (gold, silver and black) which match the colors on the Triton Mini. On the top side it comes with a spring loaded 510 connector (with very well machined threads) and going down the main side we have the round firing button, the display, the up and down buttons and the micro-USB charging port. Unlike the original Pegasus, you don’t have the docking port on the bottom, but we do spot a magnetic battery door that’s easy to access. You have to mount the battery with the positive side in, and in order to make contact you have to slide the hinged negative pin over. I haven’t seen this type of mechanism on any of the mods I tested so far and it’s pretty ingenious. One thing you need to be lookout for is that it could nick your battery wrap at the base so it’s a good idea to push it a bit into the spring loaded positive post before you slide the negative pin.Triton Mini tank gold

The Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit can go from 1 – 50W in variable wattage mode and it can fire as low as 0.1 Ohms. It also features Nickel temperature control mode, Titanium temperature control mode and a bypass mode which essentially makes it behave like a mechanical mod. In bypass mode you can only use resistances as low as 0.2 Ohms and as high as 3.0 Ohms. The device is very comfortable to hold and to use and it comes with a built in accelerometer that automatically rotates the display. The Pegasus Mini makes a great combo with the Triton Mini tank and it’s one very well balanced kit in terms of performance, features and price.

The Triton Mini tank measures 20mm in diameter and has a total height of 60mm, it’s made from top quality stainless steel and has a total capacity of 2ml of e-juice. And while you might think that’s nowhere near some of today’s sub ohm performers, it’s actually a tank designed mostly for mouth to lung inhales and the feeding holes on the coils are small in size. The coils have colorized rubber gaskets to tell them apart, with the 1.8 Ohm Clapton being yellow, the 0.15 Ohm Ni200 being red and the 1.2 Ohm Kanthal version being white.

Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit goldThe Triton Mini comes with a built in airflow adjustment mechanism and juice control mechanism. It is also a top filling tank and you simply need to unscrew the top cap to get access to the two refill ports. The coils look very similar to the ones on the Nautilus/Nautilus Mini and I guess you can also use the 1.2 Ohm and the 1.8 Ohm versions on it as well.

My personal favorite was the 1.8 Ohm Clapton coil, with is excellent for mouth to lung and delivers fantastic flavor. It also lasts a bit longer as opposed to regular sub ohm coils and it offers plenty of autonomy even with the small 2ml capacity. If you’re a person who enjoys direct lung inhales you should be aware that even with the airflow fully open, the draw on this is pretty tight (similar to a Subtank Nano on max, or with a Subtank Mini on the medium setting).

My experience with the Aspire Odyssey Mini Starter Kit has been very enjoyable and it’s truly a product I would recommend to any beginner or intermediate vaper. Flavor is fantastic, it does temperature control and it’s pretty versatile. And while you can’t adjust the wattage in TC mode and it doesn’t support stainless steel coils, it’s still a pretty great deal.