Our Review On The WISPR 2 Vaporizer by Iolite

WISPR 2 Vaporizer by Iolite

WISPR 2 vaporizer blackIolite is one of the most dependable vaporizer brands on the market today, with at least three models that became instant hits. And since the original WISPR was so popular, the company decided to improve the device and take care of some of the flaws that the users complained about. This is how the WISPR 2 was born, a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s even sturdier than its older brother besides being more dependable.

As you probably know, many vape pens and compact vaporizers are powered by an internal battery, however these don’t have such a great autonomy and they take ‘ages’ to recharge (4-7 hours, depending on the model). This is why the guys at Iolite decided to power their vaporizers by harnessing the energy from butane gas.  Yes, it works with WISPR 2 boxa reservoir like the one you find in regular cigarette lighters and it takes only a few seconds to refill.

The WISPR 2 is a conduction vaporizer and it works by heating the dry herb chamber via a flame powered by the butane gas. The device comes packed in a good quality white cardboard box and inside you will find a quick guide, a user’s manual, the box vaporizer itself, a lovely canvas carrying pouch, a card grinder and a bag of goodies that includes two spare mouth pieces, a mesh, and tools for cleaning and compacting your herbs.

The thing that really stands out about the WISPR 2 is the unique design (it resembles a portable old stereo or a Bluetooth speaker) and the wide range of colors it come in. Another great thing is the flexible mouth piece that’s made from silicone and comes with a slot in which you can insert it when on the go. At the end of the mouthpiece there’s the dry herb compartment, which ideally you could mount by holding the device upside down and slowly screwing it back in place.

WISPR 2 vaporizers different colorsOn the main side of the WISPR 2 you will notice the fuel gauge that shows how much butane you have left, an option that was not available on the original WISPR. On the smaller side you’ll see the notification light that turns red once the device has reached the optimum temperature of 410 ⁰F (210 ⁰C) and this takes around 30 seconds. On the opposite side we have the firing button, while on the base you can spot the butane refill valve. In order to refill you simply need to turn the device upside down, take you can of gas (usually it comes in spray tube shaped container) and press with the orifice on the valve for a couple of seconds until you hear it overflowing. A single refill can be sufficient for around 4 vaping sessions of around 10-15 minutes each.

To use the vaporizer you will need to fill the chamber with loose leaf herbs (the fastest way is to such a good quantity – about halfway full – byWISPR 2 vaporizer tube inhaling from the mouth piece, turn the chamber upside down and connect the WISPR). Then you will press the button once to release the gas and then the second time after a second or so to light it up. The indicator light will be blue while the device is warming up and it will turn read once it has reached 410 ⁰F. You then simply need to inhale the essential oils and vapor and enjoy.

The vapor is really thick and flavorsome and once you’re done vaporizing it’s relatively easy to clean. It might be a bit expensive for some budgets,  but it’s totally worth every dollar. One of the best vaporizers I’ve tested and certainly one of the most popular out there.