Our Review On The VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

Today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite loose leaf vaporizers – the VaporFI Stratus. This device offers one of the best price to performance ratios, considering it sells for almost half the price of the PAX 2 and manages to offer a very satisfying experience. Besides its performances the device also comes in a very compact form factor, making it a great stealthy alternative to other products that tend to be a lot bulkier. But the thing I love the most about this particular gizmo is the awesome and pure tasting vapor which takes the whole experience to the ‘big league’ of dry herb vaporizers.

VaporFI Stratus dry herb pen red and blackLike any other of the brand’s products, the VaporFI Stratus comes packed in a good quality white and green cardboard gift box and inside you are going to find the device itself, charging cable (USB), a wall adapter, three silicone mouthpieces, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, and a user’s manual. The first thing you will notice about the vaporizer is its size and weight, as it measures around 125mm and weighs under 100g. Besides being lightweight and compact it’s also very simple to use and the generous OLED display always give you a great visual feedback.

Just under the mouthpiece (which comes off quite easily) there’s the heating chamber and it can hold up to 1g of dry herbs in a single session. Of course, it can also work with half the quantity or even less, depending on your personal preference. The three included silicone tips are a great way of sharing the VaporFI Stratus with your friends, but they can also be used on extended personal sessions when the mouthpiece tends to get pretty hot.

In fact, this is probably the only con I could find for the device, the fact that it gets a bit hotter than otherVaporFI Stratus mouthpiece more expensive vaporizers, however this is definitely not a deal breaker. Another thing worth mentioning is that the chromed ring under the mouthpiece is actually made from some hard plastic not metal and I read about a few people complaining that it can sometimes crack due to the heat. This won’t affect the device’s performance just its aesthetics and these cases seem to be very isolated, so it’s not a common problem. Besides the hot mouthpiece after longer sessions

As in the case of any other portable herb vaporizers, you will need to thoroughly clean the device after each use in order to benefit from the same great performance over and over again. The VaporFI Stratus comes in two colors – red and black and it’s powered by an internal 2,200mAh battery. Depending on the temperature you set, the battery can last up to 2h of use and it takes another 3h to completely recharge it. And speaking about the temperature, it can be set anywhere between 350°F – 430°F (175°C – 220°C) by pressing the plus or minus buttons. The initial heating time for this device is about one minute and you get a notification on the OLED display once it reaches the desired temperature. The buttons also light up when the device is on, making it usable even under low light conditions.

VaporFI Stratus vaporizer blackI’m very satisfied with the overall performance of the VaporFI Stratus and, as I mentioned earlier is has one of the best price to performance ratios from all of the herbal vaporizers I’ve tested so far. It’s small, lightweight, easy to use and does its job like a true champion. It’s a great device for beginners and intermediates and it’s built to last. Also, if you check out our discounts and specials category you will find a coupon to get 10% off your order, so another reason to think about the VaporFI Stratus.