Our Review On The VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer

VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer

It has been a while since my last dry herb vaporizer review, but with so many e-liquid devices released prior to August 8 I was extremely busy these last months. However, alongside numerous mods and kitsVaporFi Atom vaporizer I stumbled upon the VaporFi Atom more than a week ago and I was really impressed. Probably the best herbal vaporizer from VaporFi so far, this clearly has the potential of becoming my overall favorite in 2016.

Compact and incredibly stylish, the VaporFi Atom has three temperature settings and the experience you get off it is incredible. Perfect balance between flavor and vapor production, the device is powered by a generous internal battery and has a large ceramic chamber. Ideal for extended sessions, it’s a simple and easy to use dry herb vaporizer that’s built to impress.



The VaporFi Atom comes packed in a cardboard presentation box and inside you will find the device itself, a replacement screen, two cleaning tools, a packing tool, a charging cable and the manual. The interesting thing about the mouthpiece is that it’s made from 100% food grade materials and therefore non-toxic. It’s also very comfortable and it doesn’t get too hot even at the highest temperature setting.


Power and simplicity are the key aspects of the VaporFi Atom and it’s a one-button-operation type of device. There are three different temperature settings you can choose from and the LED lights will change accordingly. Blue represents 360F and it’s an ideal setting for beginners, while yellow is 410F and red is 464F. When using the device on the highest power setting vapor production is at its best and it’s ideal for shorter sessions.


One thing I like about this herbal vaporizer is the integrated motion sensor. Each time you shake it it’s going to show the battery status in different color codes. When the light is green the battery is full, yellow means you’re halfway and red means it’s time to recharge. And speaking about the battery, the device is powered by a massive 3000mAh internal cell. This takes around 6h to fully recharge but it’s more than enough for up to 10-12 sessions at 410F.

Another thing I like is the big ceramic heating chamber, that’s so easy to fill with dry herb mixture and accounts for long and flavorsome sessions. The VaporFi Atom also comes with a couple of key safety features like overload, overvoltage and circuit protections.VaporFi Atom chamber

After you select your desired temperature the purple light will glow as the vaporizers reaches that value and once it turns white you’re ready to puff. It also has an automatic shut off when not used for more than 30 seconds to prevent overheating and preserve battery. And like in the case of any other dry herb vaporizer, the VaporFi Atom requires regular cleaning after each session for the best possible experience.



In terms of performance, the VaporFi Atom is a best buy in this price range. The compact form factor, generous battery and big heating chamber are its strongest selling points. Build quality is great, vapor and flavor are outstanding and I didn’t encounter any issues with it during the six day testing period. Great for beginners or intermediate users, this is the only dry herb vaporizer you’ll ever need.