Review of the Vapium Summit Plus dry herb vaporizer

Vapium Summit Plus

We’ve been eager to test the Vapium Summit Plus for quite some time. It’s one of the best rated portable dry herb vaporizers in this price range and the build quality on it is just amazing. If you’re looking for a good quality product at little under $150 then this is definitely something worth considering.


Vapium Summit Plus contents The Vapium Summit Plus comes packed in a lovely polygonal shaped box with. Inside you will find the vaporizer, two mouthpiece covers, three steel screens, a cleaning kit, a high quality micro-USB cable, the user manual and a waterproof carry bag. It measures 18mm x 10mm x 4mm and it’s very easy to hold and operate. It feels durable and it has a rubberized finish on the lower back part for extra grip.


On top we have a very comfortable plastic mouthpiece and you can always keep it protected with one of the two covers provided. The covers are also great when sharing the device with friends because they do allow air to go through. On the main side we have the power button, LED notification lights, the two adjustment buttons and the oven door.

Vapium Summit greenThe cool thing about the Vapium Summit Plus is that is uses magnets as connectors. The mouthpiece snaps into place as you get it close to the vaporizer and the same goes for the oven door. These are quite powerful, but just in case you need your oven door perfectly sealed, there’s a custom rubber band in the box.

To turn the device on just keep the power button pressed for 3 seconds. It will light up as blue as it heats up and green when the vaporizer has reached the selected temperature. There are four LED lights under the button, that display the current temperature preset. Each one either blinks or lights up as a solid orange color, showing it’s in first or second temp preset. With four LEDs and two presets each, it means the Vapium Summit Plus has a total of 8 different temperatures to choose from.

If you’re unsatisfied with these presets you can always download and install the smartphone app. This works on Android as well as iOS and enables the user to select any temperature between 140F – 460F (60C – 240C) and session time between 30 – 120s.

The Vapium Summit Plus is powered by an internal 3300mAh battery and it’s enough for 6 – 8 sessions, depending on the temperature. Oven is made from stainless steel and the total capacity is 0.3g. It’s a very solid vaporizer and it’s particularly intended for outdoorsy people. It’s ideal for camping trips, trekking or off roading. It can operate in outdoor temperatures ranging between 0 – 176F so it’s incredibly versatile. Also it comes with a built-in stir tool and cleaning is done with great ease.


In terms of performance the Vapium Summit Plus offers great quality at a very affordable price. It’s able to operate in extreme weather conditions and it’s built to last. Has a dedicated smart-phone app and delivers good amounts of vapor with each puff. It also vibrates when it reaches the desired temperature and heat up time takes only a couple of seconds. One of our favorite dry herb vaporizers so far.