G Pen Elite Vaporizer review

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

With a design that’s luxurious as well as futuristic, the G Pen Elite vaporizer is one of the best dry herb devices I’ve tested. As a matter of fact is my number two right after the PAX and it looks and performs like something that costs over $300. Vapor production and flavor are both stellar and heating time is less than 30s so it’s definitely a product worth checking out.


GPen Elite BoxThe G Pen Elite vaporizer by Grenco comes packed in one of the nicest presentation boxes out there. It’s like a cylinder with the device in the center and the accessories packed separately in smaller rectangular box. You get a micro-USB charging cable, a G-Pen tool for packing the dry herb mixture, a cleaning tool, a beautiful G Card grinder and the user manual. Everything about this device looks and feels top quality and it’s definitely something I would recommend to my best friend.


The G Pen Elite vaporizer by Grenco has a very futuristic and ergonomic design. It’s built to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand and the layout of the buttons feels very natural. It has a total height of 170mm and one of the biggest chambers on a dry herb pen. You can fit up to 0.75g in the evenly heating, fully ceramic chamber. To access the chamber you simply need to firmly pull out the mouthpiece. You will need to clean the chamber, screen and airflow channels after each session in order to prevent the deposit of oily residue.

NOTE: We recently nominated the G-pen as one of the best Dry herb Vaporizers.


GPen Elite frontAs you might expect on such a high end device, you can manually adjust the temperature anywhere between 200 – 428F or 93 – 220C with just a touch of a button. As I mentioned earlier, the heating time is extremely low, it managing to reach max temp in less than 30s.

The G Pen Elite vaporizer is powered by a 2200mAh internal battery and this should last a whole week for individual use. The battery bar indicator will start to blink when it’s time to recharge and the whole process should take around 3h.


The provided G Card grinder not only looks classy but it also does a great job when on the road. It’s not Grenco Science grinderbigger than a credit card and you can carry it in your wallet the whole time. However, for the best possible results I would recommend a cylindrical grinder to maximize the surface area of the dry herb mixture. Use the G-Pen tool to pack the dry herb inside the chamber but be careful not to overdo it. Set your preferred temperature by hitting the plus or minus buttons and then enjoy a smooth and high end experience.


In terms of performance the G Pen Elite vaporizer is unbeatable in this price range. It’s by far one of the best vape pens out there and it does its job flawlessly. Everything from design and quality to vapor production and flavor are stellar and it’s a product I really enjoy using.

SUGGESTIONS: Some comparable dry herb vaporizers that might be of interest is the PAX 3 and the Atom from VaporFi