Our Review On The DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Classic Vaporizer

If you are searching the Internet for a portable vaporizer, then chances are you’ve probably heard about the DaVinci Classic Vaporizer. This compact device has quickly become one of the most popular on the market, and quite a legend throughout the community. And despite the fact that is has been released two years ago, it’s still one of the best vaporizers for dry herbs money can buy.

DaVinci Vaporizer box contents The Classic DaVinci Vaporizer comes packed in a yellow-brown-ish box with some sketches and a picture of the device on the top, and inside you’ll find the mod, a flexi straw (mouthpiece), a wall charger, a user’s manual, two tiny metallic cans for essential oils, a cleaning tool, a sticker, and 9 screens that come in two sizes (six small ones and three large ones). Depending on the vendor you can also get a free grinder, a free DaVinci Accessory Pack or even both. The Accessory Pack includes all the goodies that come with the original devices, except for the manual and charger.

The Davinci Vaporizer impresses with its compact size and walkie-talkie design. On the front of device you will notice the LCD display, an indicator light right above it, two temperature adjustment buttons, and the power button. On the side you’ll spot the lid release switch, the power adapter port, and the main power switch, while on the top there’s the connector for the flexi straw.

Once you release the lid, you’ll notice that the whole assembly is held in place by a hinge on the top and there are two parts to the heating chamber. They are separated by a metallic screen and the dry herbs need to go at the bottom, without compacting them to tightly. With the Davinci Vaporizer you also get a small storage box for your herbs right next to the cleaning tool orifice.

This device is powered by an internal battery and it can reach a maximum temperature of 405 ⁰F (207 ⁰C). In order to recharge the battery DaVinci Vaporizer gray you will need to turn the device on via the main power switch and connect the wall adapter supplied inside the box. To use it you will need to grind your herbs, put them inside the heating chamber, select the temperature via the two adjustment buttons and press the power button. It’s going to take a few dozen seconds until it reaches the desired value (around 50-60s) and the indicator light will glow red through this process. Once it has reached the vaporizing temperature the light will turn green and you are ready to puff.

The chances of combustion are pretty slim with the Davinci Classic Vaporizer and the vapor and flavor are very intense. Cleaning the device is also simple and with the included accessories you’re good with screen replacements for months. You also get the essential oil cans that are fitted with cotton to absorb the substance and they go inside the heating chamber.

DaVinci Vaporizer blackDepending on the herbs you want to vaporize you can check the company’s website for a chart with the optimum temperatures according to each plant. The device comes with a 2 year warranty and their customer support is great. The selling price is around $200 so that might seem a bit expensive for some, however the experience is amazing and I sincerely recommend this device to anyone who wants to experiment with dry herbs. My favorite mix is chamomile with a bit of peppermint and green tea – an absolute delicacy at 365 ⁰F.