Our Review On The Cloud V Terra Herbal Vaporizer

Cloud V Terra Herbal Vaporizer

When it comes to herbal vaporizers, Cloud Vapes – or Cloud V – are definitely a brand worth checking out, with at least four devices released on the market to date and some pretty awesome feedback from users. This is why I decided to test some of their portable vaporizers and the first one on my list was this very interesting gizmo which comes in a variety of colors – from black and white to purple, turquoise, red, and blue.

Cloud V Terra kit contents With a price tag of $99, the Cloud V Terra is a very reasonably price herbal vaporizer and it feels very durable and well built. It comes packed in a lovely black cardboard box and inside you will find the device itself, a charger box and an accessories box. Inside the charger box we have retractable micro-USB charging cable and inside the accessories box we get a metallic mixing tool and a cleaning tool for regular maintenance.

The device measures around 5.85 inches in height and no more than 1.6 inches in width, with a very nice matte finish to it. It’s not one of the smallest herbal vaporizers out there, but definitely not the biggest and it’s very easy to hold and to use due to its ergonomic design. It’s a very simple product, with only a button, an LED indicator light and a charging port. To get access to the heating chamber you have to take out the mouthpiece and you can use up to 0.3 – 0.4 grams of loose leaf mixture for a vaping session.Cloud V Terra vaporizer

The Cloud V Terra is convection vaporizer and the heating chamber is combustion proof so you won’t have any problems with burnt taste. I do recommend using the packing tool after you fill the chamber with dry herbs and never exceed the indicated limit. The device is powered by a 2200mAh internal battery and before using it the first time it’s recommended that you leave it to charge completely (took around 3 hours in my case). The big LED light works as an indicator both when charging and when using the device, and once you read the manual everything feels super easy to use.

To turn the Cloud V Terra on you simply need to press the button five consecutive times and the LED light will start to blink as it heats up. Once it has reached the optimum temperature the color will turn solid. The device has two different temperature presets for your dry herb mixture and to switch between them you have to press the button once. The initial value is 375 °F and it’s indicated by a blue light and the second value is 410 °F and it’s indicated by a green light.

Cloud V Terra side viewIt takes around 1 minute and a half for the Terra to reach its initial vaping temperature and only a few dozen seconds more to reach 410 °F. The overall experience is pretty good and both the flavor and vapor production are as expected for this price. The taste is not as good as on a high end herbal vaporizer, but definitely in the top 10.

Due to the essential oils inside the dry herbs the Cloud V Terra requires maintenance after each vaping session and I do recommend leaving it to cool off for at least 20 minutes before cleaning it with the provided brush.

With a fully charged battery I was able to get around 5 sessions with this particular device and it takes nearly four hours to get the it full of juice again. The materials used and build quality are impressive and it’s certainly a good investment if you prefer a cheap but effective herbal vaporizer.