Our Review On The Cloud V Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer

I did borrow a Cloud V Phantom from a friend almost a year ago and I was pretty surprised with the experience. The initial version came with two 18500 rechargeable batteries and a single temperature setting (420F) which delivered a warm but pleasant vape. However, I had to use the provided external USB charger to recharge the batteries and the vaping temperature was a bit high for my personal taste so imagine my surprise when I noticed that the company released a brand new version of the same vaporizer.

Cloud V Phantom Premium boxThe Cloud V Phantom Premium is one very sleek looking pen style dry herb vaporizer with the same design as the original version but with some major improvements. The device comes packed in the standard black cardboard box as many of the brand’s products and inside you’ll find the fully assembled Phantom Premium, a micro-USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a metallic packing tool and a pair of tweezers, alongside the user manual.

It has a diameter of 21mm and a total height of 170mm, with a very slim and ergonomic design. Unlike the original version, the Phantom Premium is powered by an internal battery and the micro-USB charging port is located at the base.  It has a matte finish to it and it comes in a variety of colors from black and white to green, red, purple and even wood.

To get access to the heating chamber you have to remove the mouth piece and inside you can stack a maximum of 0.3 grams of grinded dry herb mixture. Use the packing tool to position the herbs inside the chamber, but make sure to leave it just a bit loose. If you compact it thoroughly air won’t be able to circulate through the mixture and the experience won’t live up to the expectations.Cloud V Phantom Premium vape pen

The Cloud V Phantom Premium is operated by a single button, which you have to press for three consecutive times to power on the vaporizer. The indicator light will glow as the device heats up to temperature and you’ll know once it has reached the desired value. As a major upgrade from the initial version, on the Premium there are a total of three temperature settings – 374 F (indicated by a green light) 410 F (indicated by a blue light) and 436 F (indicated by a red light) – and you can cycle between them with a press of a button.

Flavor and vapor production are a bit better than on the Terra, but in turns this is a more expensive device considering the $129.99 price tag. The build quality and performance are however pretty good and I believe this is one of their most popular products to date for good reason.

Cloud V Phantom Premium brushIt’s recommended that you leave your Cloud V Phantom Premium to charge for at least six hours before using it the first time, but after that you’ll enjoy a great autonomy from it. The device is covered by a one year warranty and the company’s customer support is top notch so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The only issue is, just like in the case of all the other herbal vaporizers, you have to clean it properly after each session. Leave it to cool off for 20 minutes before using the mini-brush provided in the kit and also once every couple of sessions use a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to clean the mesh located on the bottom side of the mouthpiece.