Review of the AlphaPuff Kit dry herb AIO

AlphaPuff Kit

We know you’re used to seeing vaporizer reviews in this section but today we decided to go with something different. AlphaPuff kit is the perfect all in one solution for all those who enjoy dry herb puffing on the go. It is essentially a bong packed with everything you might need for a great experience every single time.


AlphaPuff Kit contentsThe AlphaPuff kit is designed by Alpha-Cat and comes in a cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the blue cylinder, which includes several parts. You get the INEOS Lustran ABS glass stem, a portable dry herb grinder, the water-pipe attachment, the bubbler attachment, and a custom cleaning brush. Also included there a pack of rolling papers and the storage piece, a pack of filters and their storage piece as well as a butane torch lighter.


As you can see Alpha-Cat clearly thought of everything when designing this kit and it’s probably the reason why it became so popular so fast. It measures 240mm in height, with a diameter of 50mm and it’s made from blue tinted polycarbonate. Despite being made out of 12 individual parts it’s super easy to put together in just under a minute.

AlphaPuff Kit nozzleTo assemble the AlphaPuff kit you simply need to unscrew the two main parts of the cylinder. You take out the pipe attachment, mount the the the two parts together again and fill with water up to the max indicator. This is probably the trickiest thing to do, since it’s very easy to go over the fill line. You can pour out the excess but if you go to far you can quickly get the level bellow the indicator. It takes a learning curve to measure the exact amount of water but if you find yourself struggling, you can always use a measuring cup.

You then need to screw on the pipe attachment to the top nozzle, slide in the glass stem, fill the funnel with dry herb material and light it up. It hits very hard and you can take it with you everywhere. The AlphaPuff kit also includes paper rolls and filters for joints as well as storage space for up to three the pre-rolled smokes. The provided grinder is specifically designed for this job and works great. You also get a wind-proof butane torch lighter, which is handy, refillable and quite sturdy.

To clean up your kit just pour some fresh water after discarding the one in the reservoir and shake vigorously. For the glass stem use the provided brush and make sure you do this after each session. It will prevent resin for drying on the tube as it’s a real pain to get it off afterwards.


In terms of performance the AlphaPuff kit is a very easy to use all in one bong packed with everything you need for the best dry herb experience ever. It’s portable, discreet due to it’s one of a kind design and highly efficient. You won’t have to worry about breaking the glass stem when traveling and you know you always have everything with you in one box.