Our Review On XEO E-liquids

XEO E-liquids

I didn’t review any German made juices so far, but this line is totally worth checking out and I’m sure you’ll find it as enjoyable as I did. XEO E-liquids are an European brand marketed in the United States by V2 and their line consists of 10 absolutely delicious flavors with everything from tobaccos to fruity aromas and even menthols.

XEO E-liquids minty grape XEO E-liquids come packed in 30ml plastic bottles fitted with needle caps and you have two nicotine levels to choose from (9mg and 18mg). The interesting thing about these is that the VG/PG ratio varies from flavor to flavor and so does the throat hit. I would recommend using these on mouth to lung devices (such as clearomizers with pre-built coils or RTAs like Kayfuns) due to the high nicotine concentrations that make them pretty harsh on RDAs or sub ohm tanks above 20W.

I’m not a big fan of tobaccos, but I do miss the flavor once in a while and this is when I usually set up my Kayfun Lite Plus and enjoy some intense mouth to lung goodness alongside a cup of coffee in the morning. XEO E-liquids include three different tobacco flavors – from the mild and dry Tobacco Gold that’s just bursting with that authentic flavor to the Tobacco Red, which reminds me of that slightly sweet middle eastern varieties. And how about the pure taste of Virginia tobacco, blended with a sweet honey-like aftertaste that totally overwhelms your senses in the delicious Tobacco Honey.

For those menthol lovers out there there’s the flavor bursting Minty Grape, a highly addictive grape aroma that have been ripen to perfection and combined with an intensely refreshing peppermint aftertaste.XEO E-liquids mango tango

However, the flavors I enjoyed the most from XEO E-liquids were definitely the fruity ones with no less than five incredibly tasty cocktails just waiting to seduce your pallet. And when it comes to fruity e-juices, mangos and pears go together just perfectly so I would highly recommend my personal favorite called Mango Tango. I also enjoyed a lovely cherry limeade called Cherry Lime as well as  the natural grapes, bananas and cherries and juicy fresh peaches  (Orchard Grape, Chiba Kiba, and Royal Peach).

Last but not least, for all the vapers who enjoy the authentic taste of freshly brewed coffee, Coffee Arabica is probably the most realistic flavors I’ve tried so far. A perfectly balanced flavor that’s quite similar to a caffè Americano and goes so well in the mornings (or in any part of the day to be honest).