Our Review On Vape Bartender E-liquids

Vape Bartender E-liquids

If you’re looking for an American e-liquid company that ages many of its juices in European red oak barrels for no less than 90 days to give them that enhanced, rich flavor, then Vape Bartender is definitely the way to go. Everything from tobaccos to fruity and dessert e-juices, in some of the most peculiar but delicious combinations out there, packed in 30ml bottles fitted with dropper caps and shipped in cylindrical cardboard boxes for that “like a sir” type of experience.

Vape Bartender e-liquidI’ve tested nine different Vape Bartender e-liquids (all of them in nicotine concentrations varying from 0mg to 6mg) and I can honestly say that these are some of the best juices money can buy. The richness and complexity of their flavors is simply outstanding and they have that very natural vibe to them regardless if you’re using a mouth to lung clearomizer or a sub ohm dripper.

If you are a tobacco lover then there are two flavors from Vape Bartender e-liquids I’m sure you’re going to love. My personal favorite is Mohitto, a bizarre but mouthwatering combination of robust tobacco, fresh mint and pomegranate juice that make it one of the most interesting all day vapes I’ve had. The other one is called Ginger Ale and it’s also something you don’t usually find in regular e-liquids: a mix of flavorful Turkish tobacco and freshly sliced ginger for a spicy yet mellow experience.

Also when it comes to fruit flavors, Vape Bartender e-liquids have something for everyone and I have to say I really enjoyed Fruit Tingle. It’s the type of flavor that lingers on your taste buds for seconds and this delicious combination of exotic fruits blended with some sweet and tangy orange sorbet. It comes with a creaminess and almost a fizziness that I haven’t felt in any other juice so far. Second for me in this category was Chi Chi, a type of Pina Colada with a delicious cherry aftertaste that’s refreshing and addictive at the same time.Vape Bartender e-liquid packaging

However, it’s the desserts category that made me fall in love with this line of e-liquids and especially their signature flavor White Lady. It’s a decadent New York style cheesecake that feels incredibly creamy on all of my sub ohm devices and has this lovely vanilla / almond aftertaste, which seduces your taste buds in a way I’ve never experience before. I could compare this with a top class dessert, crafted by a Michelin star chef in a five star restaurant – it’s that good.

Also Black Cappuccino and Black Nuts are definitely worth trying, especially if you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to worry about the calories.