Our Review On Propaganda e-liquids

Propaganda e-liquids

If you are following my Instagram profile then you probably know I did a few pics with a bottle of e-juice that featured Smokey Bear on the label. Well, since I was asked so many times about that particular juice (called Wildfire from Propaganda e-liquids) I decided it would be a good idea to review the whole line since the sample I got was so tasty.

Propaganda e-liquids Wild Fire flavorPropaganda e-liquids consist of a total of six delicious juices, four of which I know from last year and two of which have been launched more recently (the Hype series). They come packed in amber glass bottles (15 & 30ml) and they are fitted with dropper caps. You also get a wide selection of nicotine concentrations from 0mg to 3, 6, 12, and even 18mg. It seems the company has updated their labels and now they all have the occult symbol on them, with just the names being different (or this is just something for the 30ml bottles, I have no clue).

The first e-liquid from the initial lineup is called Subliminal, and it’s a lovely sweet and sour raspberry gummy belt that feels quite juicy as you vape from it. You do get a tingling sensation on your tongue and the aftertaste is clearly like something you’d get from a candy. Not too sweet, no too sour and it’s totally spot on when it comes to sugar drizzled gummy belts.

The second on the list is Illuminati, a very refreshing summery vape that includes blood orange and pineapple. It’s one of the best tart flavors I’ve tried so far and if you’re a fan of blood oranges this is definitely the star of the show. You can literally feel it on your taste buds and as you exhale it’s rapidly complemented by sweet undertones of pineapple and a bit of strawberry. Sweet, tangy and with very refreshing this is exactly the type of e-juice to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Next we have Wild Fire, the flavor I was so familiar with from that 15ml sample and it’s essentially a toasted almond cookie. It’s the kind of juice that brings old memories back to life and it’s a delicious cookie flavor (not sugary sweet) that’s complemented by undertones of freshly toasted almonds. The almonds do get a lot stronger when you pump up the wattage and the combination is simple yet so incredibly tasty.

Last but not definitely not least, Reform is probably my favorite e-juice from this line and it’s sweet cinnamony apple crumb cake. What I love about it is the natural apple flavor that’s clearly under the spotlight and it’s complimented so well by the moist-like undertones of cake and the spicy notes from the cinnamon. It’s one of the best bakery vapes I’ve had in quite a while and there’s no way I won’t try to find a bigger bottle next time I order something online.Propaganda Hype series

The Propaganda Hype series includes two juices that come in 60ml bottles and you do get a lot of value for the money. The first one is called Mixed Cotton Candy and it’s a blend of pink and blue cotton candy (strawberry and blueberry) that taste exactly like the real thing. It’s fairly sweet and it tastes exactly like the Carnival. The second one is called Strawberry Shortcake and it’s a very cakey, creamy and lush dessert flavor that you can never get enough of. The ideal midnight snack for anyone with a sweet tooth!