Our Review On PINK SPOT VAPORS e-liquids


Often referred to as ‘PSV’ inside the vaping community, Pink Spot Vapors is a real success story. It has started out as small business in Las Vegas, Nevada operated by Penn and Sandi Elletson and it has become one of the key e-liquid produces on the e-cigarette market. The company is now one of the most prosperous operations in the US and has recently opened a new store back in Vegas with an ever growing popularity and an impressive clientele.

All companies are looking for the perfect balance between vapor production and flavor, and Pink Spot Vapors use an average ratio of 60% VG to 40% PG as the base for their eliquids. Because they use PG based nicotine, they can’t offer at the moment 100% VG e-juice. Their e-liquids are shipped in safe, high-grade plastic bottles with attached drip tips.

To ensure there are no toxicity risks and that their products have the highest degree of safety, they use only United States Pharmacopeia grade and kosher grade PG and VG. Also their nicotine is 99.86% and sourced from inside the United States. The remaining ingredients are just US Food Grade and FDA approved flavorings.

Because Pink Spot Vapors sells over 110 flavors, they have divided them into five distinct categories for easier access and to avoid any complications. These categories are as follows: ‘Signature’, ‘Tobacco’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Food and Sweet’, and ‘Cocktail’. Out of all the aromas, there are a few that deserve your attention: Happy Ending, One Love, Pirate’s Booty, Hop Scotch, Pink Spot, PS I Luv U, Jamaican Me Crazy, Tahiti Breeze, Blu Spot, G-Spot, Bikini Martini, Watermelon Wave, Black Mamba, Frozen Lime Drop, Grape Expectations, Rip Tide, Pear O Melons, Cantaberry Crush, Sinna Pear, and Topless Beach. All of these e-liquids are available in 6, 12, 30 or 120ml bottles and with six nicotine concentrations.

We have tasted a few of their flavors and when it comes to tobaccos, their Outlaw (555) hits the spot like a charm. It’s a balanced combination of rich, dark tobacco with some hints of a mild sweetness but without the nuttiness of other 555 blends. Vapor production was quite surprising and the throat hit was perfect with the 18mg nicotine concentration. So if you adore the taste of analog cigarettes, then this might just be the perfect combination for you.

We also adored their ‘Happy ending’ flavor, which is like a sweet and mysterious cocktail that’s perfectly crafted. It’s a smooth, creamy taste much like a cake filled up with marshmallows. The added light menthol hint at the end comes to compliment this intriguing aroma that will provide lots of vaping time hours whenever you feel a bit on the sweet side. Like the Outlaw, we were more than satisfied with the overall vapor production and throat hit.

Last but not least, there’s their signature ‘Pink Spot’ flavor which is one of the best we’ve tried in these last few months. It includes flavors of Raspberry, Pineapple and Lime, all blended in a delicious cocktail that’s going to leave you dreaming, with a light throat hit and lush clouds of vapor. It’s an instant success and it’s our recommendation for your first purchase.