Our Review On One Hit Wonder E-Liquids

One Hit Wonder E-Liquids

Probably one of the most popular ejuice lines on the market today, One Hit Wonder E-Liquids definitely live up to their name and they take dessert vapers to the very next level. At $59.95 they might seem a bit pricey, but you do get 180ml of premium e-liquid (that’s six times your average 30ml bottle) and two smaller 15ml unicorn bottle for easy dripping.

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Milk Man flavorAll the juices come in a 80/20 VG/PG blend and they are specifically designed to be used with rebuildable dripping atomizers. You could also use them in modern sub ohm tanks (like the Herakles Plus) or RTAs (like the Griffin) but don’t overdo it when it comes to chain vaping at high wattages. The mixes come in 180ml squeezable plastic bottles and you can drip right out of the box. Their line consists of five different flavors (all with the word ‘Man’ at the end) and they are all as delicious as people say they are.

I’m going to start with Milk Man, a very popular product from this line and for good reason. It’s a sinful combination of strawberries and milk but with a creamy aftertaste. A fresh strawberry that’s perfect as an all day vape that’s blended ingeniously with a cold milk undertone and some cream. The ideal sweet and tangy dessert vape that will take your taste buds to Nirvana and back.

Next in line I have Muffin Man, which is another delicious dessert treat that combines the sweet tartness of fresh green apples with a bit of cinnamon and a creamy/cakey exhale. Everything feels very natural, smooth and the vapor production is out of this world. The cinnamon is not over powering and everything is blended so smoothly in the ideal afternoon or midnight snack.

Then we have Rocket Man, a combination of fresh blueberries, granola and Greek yogurt that will totally overwhelm your senses. It’s not too sweet nor is it tangy and it feels light, smooth and almost silky. Crunchy sweet cereal, tangy fruit and that lush cream on the exhale makes this juice the ideal breakfast vape.One Hit Wonder E-Liquids lineup

And for all you ice cream lovers out there, My Man is probably one of the most delicious treats in this category. If you’re familiar with Neapolitan ice cream, than this e-juice tastes exactly like that and it’s my second favorite after Milk Man. A decadent combination of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry that’s great for any moment of the day and makes you drip over and over again.

Last but not least we have Police Man, one of their newest additions to the line, which is a combination of cereal and marshmallow with a glazed donut exhale. It’s fairly sweet and you can definitely taste the glazing, marshmallow and cereal but the donut tones are a bit on the light side. Not my usually all day vape, but it works in the evenings or after a good coffee in the morning.