Our Review On MT BAKER VAPOR e-liquids


100% USA produced and packaged, Mt Baker Vapor (or MBV as it is known inside the vaping community) is one of the leading e-liquid producing brands on the market today. Not only are these juices made from the best possible ingredients but they also contain no harmful diacetyl. But besides their extremely varied flavor offer, the company also has an online guide for those e-liquids that are not safe to use in plastic clearomizers (as you probably know, some e-juices like ‘clove’ have the tendency to produce minor cracks in some tanks and that’s why it’s important to be informed, therefor a big thumbs up for MBV).

Since there are over 295 different flavors available on their website, MBV has decided to separate them in eight categories. These categories are as follows: MBV Specialty flavors, Beverage, Candy, Fruit, Sweet, Tobacco, Menthol, Mint, and Nut and Spice Flavors. All of the flavors are available in 15, 30, 50 and even 236ml bottle sizes which is quite impressive. Regarding the nicotine content, you have the option of choosing between six different concentrations: 0, 0.6% (Light), 1.2% (Mild), 1.8% (Medium), 2.4% (Strong) and 3.6% (Extra Strong) so regardless if you only vape for the amazing taste of their e-liquids or to satisfy your 2 pack-a-day nicotine craving, there’s always something available for you in their online shop.

Mt Baker Vapor also gives its vapers the opportunity to choose between different PG/VG ratios in order to get the most of each personal vaporizer. You can pick from 100/0, 80/20, 65/35, 50/50, 20/80 and 0/100 with the extra option of a VG/Distilled H2O mixture at a ratio of 70/30. Also if you really enjoy the taste of your personal favorite e-liquid you get the chance to extra ‘flavoring shots’ for an even more hypnotizing vaping experience. Each bottle comes with its own standard dropper and the 30 and 15ml bottles are slightly clouded, made out of easily squeezed plastic with blue childproof screw-top caps.

Mt Baker Vapor also has introduced its own ‘shade rating’ diagram that is meant to give the user an idea about the shade of the e-liquid he’s about to purchase. This is yet another ‘thumbs up’ because the shade of each e-liquid comes from the flavoring base, and has a direct effect of the e juice shade itself. As a rule, darker-shaded liquids tend to leave a resin behind at a faster rate than lighter-colored juices, therefore decreasing the atomizer/coil lifespan and asking greater maintenance. Typically, the darker the juice, the faster this process will occur.

When it comes to flavors, these e-liquids are quite delicious and the brand is by far specialized in fruit flavors. Vapor production was very generous and the throat hit was fantastic with our Kamry K100 and a VG/PG ratio of 80/20.

Mt Baker Vapor sells a lot of flavors and it’s hard to pick a winner by there is one e-liquid that built quite the reputation along the past few years and for good reasons. Hawk Sauce has the taste of a delicious sour berry with some hints of fruit and menthol all mixed with inspiration of the Northwest Pacific. With the consistency of your average household oil, this e-liquid is clear with a less saturated Yellow shade. The general aroma is that of a tropical fruit juice and everyone in our team enjoyed it very much. The thick clouds of vapor and amazing throat hit only came to compliment this delicious e-juice that’s like a real masterpiece.

Another very popular flavor from MBV is their signature combination of grape, watermelon and menthol called ‘Thug Juice’. While the opinions tend to differ on the matter, we all concluded that it’s a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of juice.

TIP: Find out more about mix and matching Mt Baker e-juices here.