Our Review On MOUNTAIN OAK VAPOR e-liquids


Often referred to as ‘MOV’ inside the vaping community, Mountain Oak Vapor is an all American e-liquid supplier located on the rolling hills of Cleveland, Tennessee. The company was started a few years ago by a couple of DIY enthusiasts in an effort to produce top quality ejuices with no compromises in quality and with a very affordable price tag. It’s the kind of company that knows how important first appearances are and therefore invested a lot in the presentation and packaging of its products. It sells all of the e-liquids inside glass bottles since plastic is known to alter the aroma over time. Also the labeling on these bottles is a big ‘thumbs up‘ with specific information about all the ingredients that are 100% sourced in the U.S. and are of USP food grade quality.

Each individual batch of e-liquid has a unique lot number that can be easily traced back to each nicotine batch, flavor batch, PG batch, and VG batch was used in the brewing process. This ensures extra safety and transparency and speaks about the care and attention that this brand offers its customers. Also the production date is stamped on each bottle to ensure a shelf life shorter than 4 weeks.

With over 43 distinct flavors available, Mountain Oak Vapor has divided them into three categories for easier access and less confusion. Sweetwater Valley, Dark Temptations, and Tennessee Original are the lines of e-juices that this company takes a lot of pride in producing. There is also a fourth category called ‘MOV HIGH VG’ but this one includes variations from the first three but with a reduced PG concentration. Due to the fact that they contain a lot more Vegetable Glycerin they are thicker and produce even more vapor but with a small compromise in throat hit and flavor. Also they can leave residue behind and may not perform very well in certain devices such as top fed clearomizers.

For all of you mint lovers out there, MOV has included the option of adding Menthol to each one of the available flavors in 10 different concentrations which is quite unique in what e-liquid manufacturers are concerned. The bottles come in two sizes – the 15ml and the 30ml version – and from all the aromas we like to mention just a few that caught our eyes: Frostbite, Blue Ridge, Smoky Mountain 555, White Leaf, Southern Gentleman, HEY JACK, Belgian Briar, Full Virginia Flake RY4, Coffee & Cream, Absinthe Minded, Blueberry Pancakes, Caramel MOVaccino, Double Barrel, Chai Tea Latte, Peppermint Bark, Tropical Sunrise, Nirvana, Shangri-La, Ecto Fusion, Grape Onya, and Water Malone. These are just some of the delicious signature cocktails that will give you some serious headaches when having to decide on only one or two.

But from all of these, there’s definitely one with the most notoriety among vapers. ‘Red Drop’ is the brand’s take on a Raspberry Limeade and it’s one of the best fruity flavors we’ve ever tried so far. The main hint in this cocktail is a very natural raspberry that’s perfectly balanced. The lime undertone comes to compliment the berry and the end result is spectacular. Vapor production is above average but this is rather surprising since it has a VG content of only 30%. The throat hit is not too harsh and the overall vaping experience is absolutely stunning.