Our Review On Motley Brew E-liquids

Motley Brew E-liquids

Today I’m all purple because I have a fantastic e-juice line to talk to you about and it has been a very delicious experience so far. I’ve heard about Motley Brew e-liquids a few months ago but I didn’t have the chance to test them until now. Advertised as artisan e-juices with connoisseurs in mind, these have incredibly complex flavor profiles and are predominantly sweet.

Motley Brew Grateful Red e-liquidMotley Brew e-liquids consist of six individual flavors which come packed in glass bottles provided with purple dropper tops. I really like the labeling on these products and besides the various warnings they also come with childproof caps. Made in the United States, they are only crafted from Kosher grade ingredients, soy based glycerin and 99% pure nicotine. The company makes the e-liquids in an FDA approved lab under very strict quality control.

The juices come in 30ml bottles sealed in plastic wraps and packed in small cardboard boxes, have a 70/30 VG to PG ratio and you can choose from five different nicotine concentrations: 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18mg. I tried all of them in 3mg nicotine and I have to say there’s not a single flavor I didn’t like.

My personal favorite from Motley Brew e-liquids is Grateful Red, a juice that brings so many childhood memories and tastes so good and natural. It’s a combination of ripe, juice apples and lush caramel custard that’s going to make your taste buds jump with joy. I sometimes get some ice cream undertones with it and sometimes a bit of cheesecake but the end combination is fantastic. At the moment this is my all day vape and it’s too bad they don’t pack their juice in bigger bottles because my dripper goes through it like a warm knife through butter.

And although I’m not a big fan of alcoholic vapes, I just found the perfect flavor for a night out with Motley Brew e-liquids packaging friends or for any celebration. As the name probably says it, Old Fashioned is in my opinion one of the best cocktail flavored e-liquids out there and it mimics the taste to the last detail (without getting you drunk, of course). It’s a fairly strong bourbon taste accompanied by undertones of citrus that really complement the predominant aroma. No wonder it won a ‘best in show’ award at the 2015 Vape Summit in the drinks & cocktails category.

Another flavor I really want to talk about is Paradise City, a sweet and exotic vape that’s going to make you leave all your problems behind. It combines lush and juicy pairs with lychee and a bit of vanilla to top everything off with a few drops of menthol. The menthol notes are subtle and the predominant flavor to me is the lychee and vanilla but the whole combination is a true masterpiece when it comes to mixing aromas like a boss. I absolutely love it!

Motley Brew e-liquids also include a tobacco flavor called Brew’s Brothers, which is also on the sweet side and it goes so well with the predominant coffee aroma. It’s like getting your morning latte and cigarette in every single puff and it can do wonders to your mood.