Moo E-liquids full review

Moo E-liquids

When it comes to dessert flavors, we did sample some pretty amazing juices last year, however with Moo E-liquids we really hit it off in 2017. We had this for some time now, but we’re so glad we finally got time to open the bottles and experience taste bud Nirvana. These are hands down some of the best milkshake inspired ejuices and if you have a sweet tooth like we do it’s impossible not to find them appetizing.

Some of the best milkshake flavors

Moo EliquidsThe thing that sets these juices apart from others is the creamy taste of fresh milk that feels so natural and delicious. And in combination with fruits and nuts it creates a heavenly cocktail that delivers silky flavorsome clouds with every puff.

Moo E-liquids consist of 5 very popular flavors, all of them from the creamy dessert/milkshake category. They come packed in 30ml glass bottles fitted with dropper caps and the labels feature a cute and funny cartoon cow. The standard mix is 70 VG / 30 PG and the available nicotine concentrations are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

Banana Milk is our favorite

First flavor on our list is Banana Milk and this one is the best we tried in its category. Get ready to intoxicate your taste buds with the most hypnotizing hints of ripe banana alongside a glass of fresh cold milk. The flavor lingers in your mouth for seconds and the exhale is so delicious. There’s a creaminess and a type of sweetness associated with this aroma that words just can’t describe. We enjoyed it to the last drop and it’s the type of flavor that goes great in the morning from a sub ohm tank.

Our second favorite is Blueberry Milk, and equally delicious silky smooth vape. The blueberry taste feels natural, and the whole combination is lipsmackingly good. Each inhale will simply mesmerize your senses as the tartness of the berries is smoothed out by the creaminess of the fresh milk. It’s an e-liquid that also goes great in the morning but you can totally use this one as an all-day vape.

Also Vanilla Almond Milk for those who don’t like fruity vapes

Moo Eliquids close upAnd if you’re not such a big fruit fan, then Vanilla Almond Milk will definitely appeal to your olfactory senses. This gourmet e-liquid brings together a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and a handful of silvered almonds. The end result will leave you longing for puff after puff and it’s the kind of guilt free pleasure you can enjoy in any moment of the day.

Last but not least we have Strawberry Milk and Neapolitan, two other hypnotizing Moo E-liquids ¬†dessert flavors that don’t require additional presentation. Smooth, mouthwatering and above all, top shelf e-liquids at a very affordable price. But don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and give at least one of these flavors a try.