Our Review On The Lost Fog Collection E-liquids

Lost Fog Collection E-liquids

Manufactured by renowned e-liquid maker Cosmic Fog, the Lost Fog Collection is a premium line of juices that come packed in opaque black glass bottles and have uniquely designed labels. Advertised as an ‘above premium’ or ‘extra premium’ e-juice line, they do sell for roughly the same price as the regular Cosmic Fog e-liquids but come in High VG (or VG+ as written on the Baie Cream label), which means they produce thicker and smoother vapor even at lower wattages.

Lost Fog Collection E-liquids lineupThe Lost Fog Collection consists of only three e-liquids, giving the line that nice ‘limited edition’ vibe and all of them are from the creams / custards category, with some pretty amazing flavor ingredients. You can buy these juices in 30ml bottles and you can choose from five different nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

The first e-liquid that I tasted was Streek and this is still my personal favorite from the whole line. It’s a ridiculously delicious mix of freshly picked strawberries blended together with thick, Greek-style yogurt  to create the perfect combination between sweet, creamy and savory. The juice smells like strawberries once you take the cap off and the vape is absolutely incredible. It’s very light and at the same time you feel the two ingredients combining on your taste buds. You get the Gaviota strawberry on the inhale and the Greek yogurt on the exhale and the whole mixture is so refreshing. It’s not at all heavy like other creams or custards nor is it too sweet. To me it’s one of the best juices I’ve ever tried and I will certainly buy a couple of bottles just to have around the house and office.

Second on the list is Baie Crème, another great e-juice from the Lost Fog Collection that’s inspired by today’s Avant-gardist fusion cuisine. Lost Fog Collection Streek E-liquidIt’s advertised as a whipped honey cream mixed with passion fruit and berries and it’s delicious. To me, the passion fruit is the dominant note in this e-liquid but you also get the tartness of the berries on the exhale. There’s definitely a creamy undertone with the passion fruit and everything combines so perfectly. I can’t vape on this all day long but it’s certainly a great dessert flavor for anyone with a curious sweet tooth. It comes in VG+ and it produces the most vapor out of all the three e-juices in the line.

Last but not least we have Neon Crème, the first sherbet e-liquid I’ve ever tried and was really impressed. Now sherbet is something very similar to a sorbet, only with some added milk fat for a richer consistency. It’s a pleasantly sweet combination of lemon-lime, raspberry and orange that’s consistent through the whole vape. The flavor pattern is rather similar on the inhale and exhale, but you do get a bit more of the lemon when you draw. Overall a great refreshing mix that became my calorie free midnight snack for the last few weeks.