Our Review On Liquid State E-juices

Liquid State E-juices

It’s not often that I get to review an e-liquid line with such a colorful personality and today I’m all red and hypnotized with flavors. Liquid State E-juices have one of the best presentations out there and just by looking at a bottle you can tell it’s 100% American made. They are from the ‘high VG’ category of liquids and they come with a 80/20 VG to PG ratio.

Liquid State E-juice Cowboy Cobbler flavorLiquid State E-juices are comprised of a total of four delicious flavors and they come packed in 15 or 30ml glass bottles fitted with dropper caps. The bottle art is absolutely amazing and we have some nice red labels on which there’s plenty of information and warnings. The only thing that changes on the labels is the logo of the state, and there are four individual profiles to choose from – Texas, California, Georgia, and Washington.

Their e-liquids are mostly from the fruity / bakery categories and they come in four nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Because of the high VG concentrations, these do deliver more vapor than traditional juices, however the throat hit is a bit on the mild side (even at 12mg).

My favorite flavor from these US State themed juices is definitely Cowboy Cobbler (or Texas), and the taste brings back so many childhood memories. My grandmother used to make blueberry cobbler and I remember the good old days when the delicious smell lingered for hours in our kitchen. With this you do get that spicy cinnamon feel that’s not overpowering and an authentic graham crust as an undertone. I don’t quite taste the pomegranate but I do get that sweet and sour vibe from the blueberries and the whole combination is utterly delicious. If you’re a fan of bakery vapes, then I just know you’re going to love this one. It’ the kind of flavor that works great on a dripper and I’m enjoying it the most on the Atty Cubed on the Smok X Cube II.Liquid State E-juices logo

Next we have Apple Butter, a juice that’s advertised as baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon, but the end result is far more complex than this. To me it’s like one of the best apple pies that I tasted so far and it definitely rival’s my grandmother’s cooking. Sweet, sticky, caramelized apples with a slight spiciness to it from the cinnamon, everything wrapped in thin pastry. It’s probably the most comforting vapes I had and it instantly puts a smile on your face. I tried this in 0mg nicotine and it’s definitely in my top 10 list.

But Liquid State E-juices are not only about bakeries, so if you’re looking for an ice tea sort of flavor that hits the spot perfectly, then I suggest giving their Sweet Leaf a try. And despite having the word ‘leaf’ in the name it has nothing to do with tobacco, as this delicious cocktail blends some of Georgia’s finest peaches with sweet tea and a bit of lemonade. You do get the lemon hints quite nicely and the peach is more of an undertone, but the end result is both mouthwatering and refreshing. It tastes very similar to peach ice tea and it’s great on a hot day.