Our Review On HIGHBROW VAPOR e-liquids


Designed just like an authentic winery but for e-cigarette enthusiasts, Highbrow Vapor is one of the most appreciated e-liquid producers in the United States. Their website has a certain type of appeal to it, just like entering through the doors of an exclusive club that only sells the highest quality products to its customers. This is mostly due to the fact that it’s a family owned and operated business that only uses top quality ingredients and takes great pride in making some of the best and most authentic flavors on the market. Produced in medically clean environments, their e-liquids are made only from 100% USP Food grade and kosher rated Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol while the nicotine 99.9% pure and the same type used by pharmaceutical companies.

With over 45 different flavors, Highbrow Vapor decided to separate them into four categories. Their ‘tobacco’ category includes: Cigar, Clove, Exotic Blend, French Pipe, Menthol, RY4, and tabac de Perique. The ‘dessert’ category includes: Belgian Waffle, Caramel, Caramel Cake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Crème Brulee, Cheesecake torte, Dark chocolate, Dark chocolate mint, Eggnog, Hazelnut cream, Heavenly Macaroon, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu, Vanilla bean decadence and Vanilla Bourbon bean. The ‘drink’ and ‘fruit’ categories also have some delicious aromas like: Amaretto Amore, Buttered Rum and-then-some, Cappuccino Diablo and Chai tea, Apricot, Coconut and Grandpa Dave’s pomegranate. Each flavor is carefully brewed using the highest quality natural flavors, using secret ingredients and safely guarded formulas to produce some of the best aromas your taste buds will ever experience.

Highbrow Vapor sells its e-liquids in two bottle sizes – the 10ml and the 30ml – and they are available in six different nicotine concentrations. If you really know the inner workings of your vaping device, then you also have the option of choosing the PG/VG ratio of your mixture from 100% PG, 100% VG, to 70PG/30VG. You need to take into consideration that in general 100% PG tends to produce less vapor but it comes with added throat hit and more flavor while 100% VG tends to produce more vapor, but with less throat hit and flavor. Also there is the fact that being a lot thicker than PG, Vegetable Glycerin can create residue deposits on your atomizer, requiring more maintenance and shortening the life span of your device.

What’s interesting about Highbrow Vapor is that is encourages creativity from its customers and therefore has a special option on the checkout page were you can customize your order to the last detail. ‘Make it a bit sweeter’, ‘Add a hint of vanilla’, ‘Added throat hit’ or ‘More of the flavor’ are just some of the extra optimizations you can ask for in order to create your own tweaked signature flavor.

The company is specialized in sweet flavors as you might have guessed and from all of the variations we decided to go for the ‘Cheesecake Torte’ which seemed to be the most appreciated on their website. ‘Cheesecake Torte’ has quite a rich, sweet aroma, accompanied by cream cheese flavor notes with a subtle, fresh and sweet inhale and a pronounced creamy exhale that will make you crave for the next puff. With the 70PG/30VG ratio the vapor production is very satisfying and with a mild throat hit. It’s an overall creamy, sweet, heavenly taste that will linger on your taste buds for the whole battery charge.