Halo Cigs is one of the key players on the e-cigarette market and by far one of the most popular brands in the vaping community. Everywhere you look on the internet, there’s always a positive review about Halo and it’s pretty clear why. ‘Purity’ is the only word that can describe its range of quality e-liquids and even though the variety isn’t as diverse as in the case of other companies, each of these aromas has been carefully engineered to deliver the best taste and the ultimate vaping experience.

After joining the market in 2009, Halo Cigs has steadily become more and more popular due to the quality of its delicious e-liquids. Crafted only with premium FDA approved natural and artificial flavorings they offer a taste that’s perfectly balanced. Instead of importing their eliquids from China like many other companies in the e-cigarette business, they have decided to produce their own, under strict control in FDA certified laboratories right here in the US. This gives added insurance about the quality standards and allows the brand to offer its clients only the best and safest of products.  All the flavorings used are FEMA GRAS approved and sourced from the highest quality suppliers around the world.

Halo’s e-liquids are available in 7ml or 30ml bottles with five different nicotine concentrations to choose from. They have done a great job in packing their products and if you are still undecided which flavor to choose and don’t want to ‘blind-buy’ then there are some sample packs on their offer too. You’ll get six different flavors and surely it will be a lot easier to pick a personal favorite.

Their range of tobacco flavors like Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Prime15, Torque56, LongHorn, Midnight Apple, Captain Jack, Voodoo, HX3, Tiki Juice, Freedom Juice and Southern Classic are crafted to deliver authentic aromas and top notch performance in all types of personal vaporizers. This is probably the main reason for which some of the best tobacco flavors on the market are the ones designed by Halo. And we’re not the only ones to reach this verdict. We are backed up by thousands of online statements and reviews.

For menthol lovers, there are four distinct flavors to try out. Mystic, Menthol ICE, CoolMist and SubZero are carefully engineered for the ultimate minty experience. We have to say that CoolMist was our personal favorite from all of these.

If you’re a foodie then Halo has six varieties of gourmet flavors ready to spoil your taste buds. Kringle’s Curse, Shamrock, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Twisted Java and Cafe Mocha are some perfectly balanced e-liquids with delicious sweet top notes and dry undertones that will make you recharge your ecig batteries faster than ever before.

And if you love the taste of authentic cigarettes, then you should know that the company’s best seller is their renowned ‘Turkish Tobacco’. It is by far one of the best tobaccos money can buy and it will help you relive the best aspects of your years as a smoker. With a nice combination of sun-cured tobacco leaves and a semi-sweet top note, the flavor is very similar to the original Turkish Tobacco harvested off the coast of the Black Sea. This type of tobacco is widely used by many brands of traditional cigarettes and pipe users. The throat hit is phenomenal and with the added vapor production makes this e-liquid one of the best we’ve ever tried.