Our Review On GOODEJUICE E-liquids


GoodeJuice is one of the renowned e-liquid brands on the market that has built quite the reputation in these last few years. The Illinois based company has been producing top quality e-juices for quite some time and the variety of flavors it developed is really impressive.

It’s one of the few companies that brews ejuices carefully crafted for certain types or brands of e-cigarettes. For instance eVo eliquid and Joyetech eliquid are specially designed to take advantage of these devices’ full potential. Besides these it also has three types of quality e-juices that will suite any kind of vaping device.

The first type is their ‘USA Lab Made eLiquid’ that is like a milestone for quality and performance in what USA type e-liquids are concerned. GoodeJuice knows that most e-cigarette enthusiasts are craving for 100 percent pure e-liquid made from the finest domestic ingredients that delivers the most authentic cig-a-like vapor production with the complementary ultimate throat hit. Produced using only the purest USP grade liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin this range of e-liquids will satisfy even the most fastidious of vapers.

With amazing and renowned flavors like Bull Durham Tobacco, Emerald Square Menthol, High Octane Tobacco, Full Throttle Tobacco, Polar Ice Menthol, Cool Blast Menthol, M-Type Lite Tobacco, and Strawberry Chill Menthol it’s no wonder that their ‘USA Lab Made eLiquid’ breaks all barriers in online sales.

The second type is their ‘House Brewed’ e-liquid that is aimed at that niche of ex-smokers who prefer the authentic tobacco taste. This e-juice is triple filtered and crafted to deliver the best performance in all types of e-cigarettes and mods. The company has its own unique and secret process of filtering the macerated and steeped tobacco for the ultimate vaping experience. Acadian Tobacco, Fire Cured Tobacco, NET Menthol, Patriot Tobacco, and Wild Turkey Tobacco will spoil your taste buds just like a real analog cigarette and they will make you fall in love with this brand.

Last but not least there is the ‘Premium e-Liquid’ branch made from the finest ingredients that meet all standards for quality and purity. With 48 available aromas, there are plenty to choose from and whatever your pick, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Butterscotch, Candy Bar, Apple Pie, Bavarian Cream, Congo Craze, French Vanilla, Gummi Bear, and Mango are just a few of these delicious cocktails that will hypnotize your taste buds.

From all of these delicious e-liquids there’s one that built an incredibly solid reputation from a steadily increasing clientele. The house brewed ‘Patriot Tobacco’ is by far the brand’s best seller and is crafted out of the finest Virginia Burleys, premium Kentucky Cavendish, and authentic Louisiana Perique Tobacco. The resulting aroma has a distinctive robust tobacco flavor with no match in quality. The e-liquid is made out of real tobacco leaves with a rich smoky flavor and many other complex hints. Medium brown in color, it has a pale sweetness combined with an authentic tobacco taste that delivers one of the best throat hits and stunning vapor production. It comes very close to the best tobacco flavor we’ve ever come across and we can see why it’s one of the most adored e-liquids on the market.