Our review of Firefly Orchard E-liquids

Firefly Orchard E-liquids

Apollo is definitely one of the key players in the vape industry today and a brand that constantly keeps reinventing itself. We’ve sampled and reviewed several of their juices, like the delicious Lindbergh max VG line, and today we have something new and totally refreshing. It’s called Firefly Orchard E-liquids and it’s one of Apollo’s latest collections.


Firefly Orchard E-liquidsFirefly Orchard E-liquids includes 10 appetizing fruit flavors and they all come packed in 60ml plastic bottles with dropper caps. Nicotine levels are 0mg, 3mg and 6mg and you can also get these high VG juices in 120ml containers for $15 extra. Also the line is comprised of two main flavor profiles Apple Elixirs and Electric Lemonade, all products being a mix of one or the other.

We’re going to start this review with our favorite juice from this collection, a fruity cocktail called Blueberry Wired. It might sound strange to some for blueberries to go side by side with a glass of lemonade but Apollo created an olfactory miracle. Smooth, refreshing with a citrusy exhale and a predominant berry sweet and sour inhale. It’s a great all day vape and while it’s not something we would characterize as cooling, it does have a nice fizz to it.


Firefly Orchard E-liquids close upNext on our list is Raspberry Fused, a liquid that brings back so many childhood memories. It tastes exactly like a cold raspberry lemonade enjoyed on a hot day. The tartness of the lemon and a bit of zest is combined with the sweetness of freshly picked raspberries for the perfect summer treat. It’s zingy, it’s interesting and it’s going to reward your buds with endless joy.

From the Apple Elixirs lineup our favorite was Bubble Gum Brew. It’s a very delicious watermelon bubble gum sprinkled with bits of red apple for a very unique experience. The hints of ripe watermelon go great with the aroma of fresh, juicy apples and it’s clearly on the sweet side. A perfumed and interesting treat that works well in any moment of the day.


Caramel Concoction is another interesting juice and it’s not only about apples. Yes, it reminded us about the carnival sweet treat but with a mysterious flavor in the background. After reading the description we realized it was the sweet taste of Asian pears, and the two aromas seemed to complement each other quite nicely. Not exactly an all day vape but definitely a treat for fruit lovers out there.

Last we have Pomegranate Potion, another fruity treat, this time for pomegranate enthusiasts. If you love the taste then it’s something you should definitely try. These sweet and tart seeds are blended with freshly squeezed apple juice, which balances out the ¬†flavor and gives it its distinctive olfactory print. The end mix is well balanced and it produces a big amount of vapor thanks to the high VG concentration. In our opinion, it’s a juice that works better on RDAs.