Our Review On Element E-liquids

Element E-liquids

I know there are many dripper fans out there and I also know didn’t review so many high VG ejuice lines until now, so today we are going to take a closer look at Element E-liquids, and particularly their Element Dripper Series 80/20. This e-liquids have been especially crafted to work great with your RDAs and sub-ohm tanks but you can also use them on regular vape gear as long as the coils come with generous feeding holes for the juice.

Element E-liquids high vg lineupThe 80/20 VG to PG ratio makes them more viscous than traditional 60/40 or 70/30 e-liquids and they are quite tricky to use if you live in a cooler climate (they do get a lot denser out in the cold). If the coils you have in your tank don’t come with medium sized feeding holes or with an adjustable mechanism, then it might prevent the cotton from getting fully saturated, which in turn will result in a constant burnt taste. However, many of today’s RTAs, clearomizers and tanks can handle 80/20 but if you’re not sure, it’s a great idea to ask their customer support before purchasing.

Element E-liquids come in a very techy presentation, with labels resembling something out of a physics or chemistry lab. They are packed in 20 ml glass bottles (with a blue tint) that come fitted with dropper caps. The droppers are made at an angle so you can easily pour the juice all over your cotton, just by removing the top cap on your RDA.

The Element E-liquids line is comprised of a total of ten great flavors, each of them having something unique and mouthwatering. The majority of flavors are from the fruity / dessert category and all of them could easily pass as all day vapes. They are 100% American made and they use only organically extracted nicotine so the quality is top notch. Also all bottles come pre-steeped so you don’t need to wait for days/weeks before enjoying the ultimate experience.

I’m going to start with my personal favorite, which is Key Lime Cookie, and as the name probably describes it, it’s a perfect combination between the tangy citrus and sugary cookies. And the lime flavor is very natural, sweet and zingy, not like those candy-like imitations on other juices. It’s not that potent but you do feel the oils and zest which go so great with the cookie/biscuit undertone. But again, it’s not a very sweet buttery cookie, but more like a graham crust.Element E-liquid Pink Lemonade flavor

Next in line I have Fresh Squeeze, which is probably the best fruit flavor I enjoyed to date. It’s not a very complex aroma profile, but it does taste exactly like freshly squeezed oranges that have been chilled for a few hours before. It’s the perfect imitation of that heavenly OJ you used to have for breakfast and it’s the kind of taste that makes your mouth water. Awesome job from Element E-liquids with this e-juice and it’s no surprise it won the “Best in Show – Citrus” at the Vape Summit IV (2015).

And I’m going to end this review with another award winner, and another delicious fruity vape at the same time. Pink lemonade is the kind of flavor that leaves a bit of a tingle on your tongue with every inhale and it’s so delicious. We do have lemons and grapefruit as the predominant flavors and they mix with a variety of other fresh and juicy red fruits for a heavenly cocktail that’s best enjoyed in the summer time.