Our review of Firefly Orchard E-liquids

DSRT Max VG E-liquids

Alongside the lovely Firefly Orchard line from Apollo we also got some of the brand new DSRT Max VG E-liquids, and these are hands down some of the best dessert flavors we sampled in 2017. If the first collection was full of fruity flavors, this one is all about creamy, scrumptious treats. Some of your favorite desserts blended in vapeable elixirs, always ready to entertain your taste buds.

DSRT Max VG E-liquids line includes a total of five flavors, all of them from the dessert / sweet category and they come packed in 60ml/120ml plastic containers. Since these are high VG juices, it’s ideal to enjoy them on RDAs, top performing RTAs and new generation sub ohm tanks. You will be so impressed with both flavor and vapor production and you will definitely come back for more. All the mixes are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels.

Mint Chip Milkshake is our favorite flavor

DSRT E-liquidsOur favorite from this line is Mint Chip Milkshake, one of the most interesting milkshake flavors we ever got the chance to sample. It’s a lush combination of vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate chips with something we can describe as a mint syrup glaze. It’s creamy, sticky and refreshing at the same time. Very similar to breaking after 8 chocolates onto a scoop of ice cream and mixing everything together. It’s one of our most prized all day vapes form the desserts category. It’s probably the main reason why we finished the whole 60ml bottle in less than two days.

Next in line we have Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich, one of the longest names in e-liquid history but equally delicious. As the name probably gives it away, we’re talking about a scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two warm buttery sugar cookies. The creaminess of the vanilla is in contrast with the buttery crust and the whole mix will take you taste buds to the next level. A smooth, slightly sweet exhale, very perfumed and utterly delightful. Not exactly all day vape material, but it goes great after a meal or during long evenings.

Raspberry Cheesecake tastes so good

DSRT E-liquids close upRaspberry Cheesecake is yet another treat from Apollo’s DSRT Max VG E-liquids line and it totally hypnotizes the buds. It’s something we can describe as raspberry jelly blended within a silky smooth cheesecake mix on top of a graham crust base. You can taste each of the components when using a good quality RDA and twisted dual coils and you’ll fall in love with the end result. A guilt free treat that is also the perfect dessert vape.

Other flavors include a glazed cinnamon roll and strawberry cream cannoli, but it’s these initial three that really captivated out senses.