Our Review On Black Note E-liquids

Black Note E-liquids

I am fully aware that many of our readers enjoy mostly fruity and dessert vapes, however, there are still a great number of e-cigarette users out there who love the authentic taste of tobacco, especially when the flavor is like a true work of art. Also tobacco flavors are the way to go for most beginners, since they are particularly craving for something that feels closely related to analog cigarettes and there are only a few high end alternatives in this category on the market today.

Black Note prelude eliquidRight from the start I’m going to tell you that Black Note e-liquids are probably some of the best tobacco flavors I’ve ever tried and this is mostly due to the complex manufacturing process. Every single one of these juices contains only naturally extracted tobacco flavors that are cold macerated in order to give that refined and almost sweet aroma.

Black Note e-liquids come packed in some of the nicest presentation boxes and are bottled in 30ml glass containers fitted with dropper caps. They are available in the following nicotine concentrations: 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18mg and the throat hit you get from these is quite strong. It’s something I would recommend using on mouth to lung clearomizers (with resistances over 1.0 Ohms) or rebuildable tank atomizers (like Kayfuns) because to me only these manage to bring out that natural tobacco flavor.

I’ve tested a total of six different flavors from the Black Note e-liquids line and I’m going to start this review with my personal favorite – called Prelude – which is a type of Virginia tobacco with a delightful natural sweetness to it. A truly epic vape experience, mostly due to the curing process involved. This helps release the resins and natural sugars in the tobacco leaves  and the end result is superb. Like a prelude to an enchanting journey for your senses.

Next in line is probably their signature flavor called Sonata, a Cavendish tobacco blend that has this incredible natural sweetness and some smoky notes that go so great with the overall robust aroma. It’s probably one of the best imitations of that authentic American tobacco flavor and it’s something I would recommend to all beginners.

Black Note e-liquids lineupForte is another e-juice that I would recommend to those new to vaping. It has a unique tobacco vibe that’s smooth and with a slight sweet note on the exhale. I noticed some distinctive woody, almost nutty undertones with my  Kayfun V5 and it’s one of those liquids that slowly gets closer and closer to your heart. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Also if you are menthol lover but are looking for that natural aroma instead of the candy like aftertaste from most e-cigarettes, then Solo is the way to go. A flavor derived from Virginia tobacco and real mint leafs, this is a very refreshing e-liquid with an adequate throat hit. The menthol is a bit stronger than the tobacco, however it’s certainly a treat for all those menthol analog lovers all around the world.