Our review of Beard Vape E-liquids

Beard Vape E-liquids

One of the most easily recognizable e juice brands in the industry, Beard Vape E-liquids have been around for some time now. They are renowned for their delicious dessert flavors and they definitely make one of the best cinnamon funnel cake juice out there.


Beard Vape eliquidsThey have started from a small artisan high-VG back-of-the-shop company and slowly developed to a world-wide phenomenon. If you follow our Instagram feed you’ve probably seen some juice bottles with the bearded silhouette. We have a feeling the logo had a big role to play in the overwhelming popularity of this brand, and it’s by far one of the most appealing.

Beard Vape E-liquids encompass a total of eight dessert flavors, all of them designated by numbers. Depending on the number, the bottles either have a white label with a black silhouette or a black label with a white silhouette. These bottles are made of brown tinted glass and come with childproof caps fitted with droppers.


Beard Vape eliquids close upNumber 32 is by far one of their most popular flavors. It’s a 60/40 blend cinnamon funnel cake e-liquid that seduces the buds from the first puff. Legend has it that its creators tested the results against 99 other similar flavors made a true best seller. It has the taste of childhood memories, and more specifically our visits to the carnival. You can feel the cinnamon sugar coated fried dough to the last crumble and everything about this e-liquid has a bit of magic to it. It’s our personal favorite and our recommendation as a first purchase from Beard Vape E-liquids.

Second on our list is Number 64, and it’s one of the most interesting fruity flavors we’ve tried. It has the sweet and tart taste of freshly picked raspberries but with an exotic twist. Boasting hints of aromatic hibiscus flower on the exhale, it totally transforms a simple liquid into something utterly delicious. The two components work so well together to create a highly craved all day vape.


And as vape reviewers we’ve tested dozens of cheesecake juices so far, however Number 05 is a true olfactory masterpiece. With the same flavor profile as an authentic New York cheesecake, this scrumptious dessert will sweep you off your feet. Full of plump strawberries, velvety cream cheese filling and a crunchy graham crust on the exhale, this will quickly turn into your guilty pleasure.

Last but not least, we are going to talk about a very decadent and delicious caramel milkshake. Number 24 embodies everything we love about the popular drink and even more. Imagine a couple of scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream, covered with lush caramel syrup and served with a pinch of sea salt flakes on top. It’s the perfect vape treat after a meal and it’s also great as a midnight snack.

Other flavors include vanilla custard, peach rings and sweet tobaccocino, so definitely give them all a try.