Our Review On The Herakles Sub Ohm Tank by Sense

The Herakles Sub Ohm Tank by Sense

The battle of the sub ohm tanks has begun only about a year ago and already we have devices that are able to bring RDA-like clouds to the masses. Nowadays you only have to buy a new generation tank, a couple of spare atomizer heads and you are ready to vape like a king. But Kanger and Aspire aren’t the only companies improving their sub-ohm tanks, and this is why today we are going to take a closer look at the Herakles from Sense – a very powerful cloud generator that’s build to impress.

Built out of solid stainless steel, it is capable to operate at wattages as high as 100W with its 0.6 Ohm coil version but for some reason it does not benefit from the same popularity as other tanks in its category. This is why we decided to test this beast and talk you about all the pros and cons that it comes with.

Herakles Sub Ohm tank and packaging First of all, the Herakles Sub Ohm tank comes packed in a black cardboard box with the item being clearly visible due to a transparent plastic sheet positioned in front of it. Inside you will find a fully assembled tank, a spare Pyrex glass tube and a spare atomizer head. You also get a stainless steel wide bore drip tip.

The Herakles Sub Ohm came with the 0.6 Ohm coil head inside that’s rated for wattages anywhere between 50 – 100W. The spare coil however has a resistance of 0.2 Ohms and you can use at wattages between 30 – 75W, so make sure you notice the difference and lower your mod power.

It has a total capacity of 3ml of e-liquid, which is better than on the Atlantis and it has a total diameter of 22mm, making it look great on any 18650 mod or box mod. The 510 pin is made from copper and it ensures a very low voltage drop. To fill the tank with e-liquid you simply need to unscrew the base and pour your juice via a bottle with a thin dropper (due to the shape of chimney, the space left between the center and the Pyrex wall is not that generous – but nothing that can cause major problems). We also noticed that the two O-rings sealing the glass to the rest of the body have the tendency to stick to the Pyrex tube, making the refill process even more complicated. You can, however, easily take the O-ring off the glass and put it inside the rim that surrounds the base.

The Herakles Sub Ohm tank comes with an adjustable airflow system that features a massive air slot as the maximum setting and it rivals (in our opinion) the draw you get on the Atlantis. The airflow adjustment is made in four steps, but it’s a bit difficult to actually see the diameter of the holes because of the ‘heat sink’ type rings located on the base.

Another thing we  have noticed with the Herakles is that when you screw the base back to the Pyrex tube, some of the holes on the chimney have to match the juicy entry points (full of cotton) on the atomizer head itself. This is very easy to observe and usually it prevents you from over tightening.

Because it operates with sub-ohm resistances and high power outputs, this tank tends to get pretty hot and the heat sink doesn’t help that much. However, the thing that helps is the delrin insulator on the bottom part of the stainless steel drip tip – this prevents the heat transfer and ensures a cool touch to your lips.Herakles Sub Ohm tank dissembled

As you start increasing the wattage, the vapor is going to get hotter and hotter and we really did not enjoy vaping at the 100W limit. However, between 40 – 50W this baby absolutely shines. The flavor is fantastic and vapor production is top notch. The airflow control is perfect for all those vapers that prefer full lung hits because it ensure plenty of draw.

One other thing worth noticing is that we didn’t experience any dry hits even with long puff at 80 – 100W and the flavor was still pretty intense, so if you are a cloud chaser then this is probably a toy you would want to check out.

In conclusion, the Herakles Sub Ohm is a remarkable tank that is going to spice up you vaping experience to the maximum. Replacing the coils is easy and the 3ml capacity makes it a worthy opponent to even the Aspire Atlantis. And, just like the Atlantis it goes though e-juice like a warm knife through butter, especially at high wattages. Overall, an impressive tank at a reasonable price.