Our Review On The Tesla Tornado Sub Tank

Tesla Tornado Sub Tank

It probably gets its name because of the turbulent yet massive clouds of vapor it produces and it’s one of the Chinese company’s latest products. The Tesla Tornado Sub Tank is made from high quality 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass and it’s specially designed to work with the recently released temperature control mods like the Tesla 100W & Tesla 200W TC.

Tesla Tornado Sub Tank side viewIt comes packed in very chic presentation box and inside you will find, besides the fully assembled tank, a user’s manual and a spare temperature sensing coil. The tank comes fitted with the regular 0.4 Ohm coil and the spare one, which is rated at 0.2 Ohms is made with Nickel wire. The Tesla Tornado Sub Tank feels very solid and well built and it comes in a variety of colors (O-rings) such as white, black, grey, blue, and red.

The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the cone shaped chimney that screws in the top part of the base. It is a top filling tank so the top cap unscrews in two separate parts and the device is made of seven distinct pieces in total (the drip tip, the top cap – superior part, the top cap – inferior part, the chimney, the Pyrex glass tube, the base and the atomizer head). The coils are also pretty original in design and they feature 8 e-juice feeding holes for proper saturation, even in the case of high VG e-liquids.

The temperature sensing atomizer heads have dual vertical coils and they perform best when used Tesla Tornado Sub Tank coils with temperatures between 380F-550F. The regular atomizer heads on the other hand are powered by a single vertical coil and perform best when used between 35W-55W. Never use the Ni200 temperature sensing coils on a mod that doesn’t have the temperature control feature turned on because they can deliver potentially hazardous gasses due to the higher operating temperatures associated with some wattages.

The Tesla Tornado Sub Tank is not as big as many of the other sub ohming clearomizers out there, and it measures 57mm in height and 22mm in diameter. It has a total capacity of up to 4ml of e-liquid and it’s refilled from the top, making the whole process a lot easier. I didn’t encounter any leaks or problems with this particular model and the thing I like the most probably is the dual airflow adjustment mechanism. The Tesla Tornado Sub Tank has two sets of four vertical slots on each side of the base that can be gradually closed or left open, as well as two smaller holes right under the drip tip for extra air to cool off the delicious vapor.

Tesla Tornado Sub Tank topfill As you might expect with such a device, the vapor production and flavor are way above average in regular variable wattage mode as well as in temperature control mode. It’s not as good as on the Herakles or the TFV4 but better than numerous other models I’ve tested this year. I would give the Tesla Tornado Sub Tank 4/5 stars and certainly recommend it to many of my vaping friends. It’s a solid performer and it’s reasonably priced with respect to its outstanding performance.