Sigelei SLYDR L sub ohm tank full review

Sigelei SLYDR L

Until a few weeks ago we only associated the brand Sigelei with high end mods. Everything from virtually indestructible devices like the Sigelei 150W from 2015 to high power boxes like the Fuchai or the 213. However, turns out the Chinese company decided to enter the atomizer market as well and it did that with one really impressive tank.

The Sigelei SLYDR L is a direct competitor for the TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank and it packs a lot of power inside those bulky coils. Rated for up to 285W, this is an absolute fog machine. It’s clearly intended as a match for any high wattage box mod and the clouds it delivers are absolutely stunning.

Packacking sigelei slydrWHAT YOU GET INSIDE THE BOX

Another surprising thing about the Sigelei SLYDR L is that it comes with 5 coils inside the box. It’s the first sub ohm tank to provide users with at least two months of vaping without worrying about spares. Besides the five 0.2 Ohm L12 coils you also get a spare glass tube, spare O-rings, a user manual and the warranty card.


The first thing you will notice about this tank is its sheer size. It has a diameter of 28mm and a total height 45mm, drip tip not included. The mouthpiece is wide bore and made from POM, an insulating material that’s even better than Delrin. The dual airflow adjustment mechanism has a ball bearing and it snaps into place each step of the way.

sigelei slydr sliding topIt only comes with the 0.2 Ohm L12 type of coils, but you can also buy four packs of 0.15 L8 coils and 0.18 L10 Coils. We didn’t got the chance to test the L8s or the L10s but if they are anything like the L12s then Sigelei did a great job designing this tank. The L12 coils have massive airflow holes on the bottom and several wicking slots to prevent dry hits at high wattages.

To fill the tank with e-liquid you simply slide the top cap back and get access to the port.  This is also what probably gave it the name SLYDR. Total capacity on this bad boy is 5.5ml and the glass walls were designed to withstand high temperatures. A small con we need to mention is the filling port, which could have been a bit wider. It’s a real pain when using a dropper cap because you can easily get juice all over the silicone seal. We recommend a unicorn bottle for best results.

Tank parts sigelei slydr PERFORMANCE AND CONCLUSIONS

The recommended wattage for the L12 coils is anything between 120 – 200W.  This is where the Sigelei SLYDR L absolutely shines and gives the best flavor. Go over 200W and it will increase vapor production but lose big points flavor wise. And just like the on the TFV12, vapor is not that hot even at crazy values like 240W. We didn’t crank it all the way up to 285W but we’re pretty sure the coils can handle the stress.

Overall, the Sigelei SLYDR L is a great tank for spectacular clouds but it’s clearly not something for the day to day vaper. If you love vaping over 150W then this might just be the tank for you. However if you mostly enjoy the 50-80W margin then better look for something else. At 60W it hardly process any vapor and you also need a big mod to handle this miniature fog machine.