Our Review On The Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Tank

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Tank

We all love the performance of a well-built RDA but sometimes it’s just painfully hard to having to drip e-juice once every 8-12 puffs. But what if I told you that I have a product which combines the intense flavor and massive clouds of a dripper but with the benefits of having a tank full of e-juice at your disposal? The Sigelei Moonshot RDTA Tank is a hybrid between an RDA and an RTA and it comes with a tank that holds 2ml of e-liquid. And while 2ml doesn’t sound that great, especially when comparing it to the 5-6ml monsters we have today, it’s dozens of times more juice than what a regular RDA juice well can hold. And the good thing about this atomizer is that it doesn’t leak, no matter how you hold it – whether it’s always upright or on its side.

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA packaging The Sigelei Moonshot is built from solid 304 Stainless Steel, has a diameter of 22mm and a total height of 42mm. It’s probably resized to 2ml of e-juice in order to comply with the new European regulations but it does a great job at delivering clouds like a mini steam engine. It comes packed in a very neat, rectangular metallic box with awesome artwork on it and inside you will find the RDTA itself, a spare Pyrex glass tube, two spare post screws, two small Allen keys, and a bag with spare O-rings.

The build quality is very impressive and, despite being manufactured in China, this atomizer has been designed by a US company called Suprimo. On the top we have a wide bore (6mm) competition chuff cap made from Delrin that also acts as a 510 adapter, so you can use it with your favorite drip tip if you want to (however, it does look a bit weird with something else on top). We have the words ‘Moonshot’ and ‘Suprimo’ laser etched on the base ring and logos on the ring surrounding the deck. The 510 pin on the bottom is gold plated for enhanced electrical conductivity, however it doesn’t protrude enough to make this atomizer compatible with hybrid mechanical mods (big warning here).

The Sigelei Moonshot has a very unique deck configuration, but I can’t say it also one my favorites. However, it’s very efficient when built properly and it can really keep up with saturating the coils with e-juice even at 180W. When you take the RDTA apart, you’ll notice that the deck with the 510 pin completely detaches from the base, thus making it a bit difficult to mount your coils. You do get two very generous air tubes inside the chamber for massive airflow and you have to insert the coils into position just above them. The posts have 6mm in height and the holes are quite generous at 2.5mm each.Sigelei Moonshot RDTA silver

The device come with a dual airflow adjustment mechanism and the draw is very loose when the slots are wide open. Because of the way it’s designed you don’t get the option of building a single coil, and it does take some practice to get the job done in dual coil mode. However, once you wick the resistances properly and assemble the tank you’ll definitely be amazed by its performance. And one thing I forgot to mention about the Sigelei Moonshot is that it is a top filling tank and you can easily access the refill holes by gently unscrewing the top cap.

When it comes to performance, this bad boy can fill up your room with thick fog in a matter of seconds and at wattages between 60-100W it can really keep up even with chain vaping without any dry hits. Once you take it over 150W you do start feeling the cotton getting dry after about 5-6 long inhales, but that’s more than understandable. The flavor is very good and the only cons I can think of are the 2ml capacity and the intricate way the deck is connected to the base via a locking ring. All in all, it’s a very sexy and powerful combination between an RDA and a tank and it’s something I do enjoy vaping on.

  • TIP:

I got asked this a lot and decided to update this review with a build that I find great for both flavor and vapor: Use two identical coils of 7 wraps of 26g/32g Clapton (you can buy pre-made) on a 2.5mm bit  and the end resistance should read around 0.5 Ohms. It’s a bit tricky to mount but totally worth the challenge.