Our review of the OBS Crius RDTA


When it comes to powerful rebuildable atomizers you can’t go wrong with the new OBS Crius RDTA. This stainless steel and Pyrex glass bad boy has a capacity of 4.0ml of e-liquid and is a ‘Genesis’ style RTA. Genesis style means that the tank is placed under the build deck and the coils are closer to the lips for enhanced flavor and vapor production.

An RDTA essentially is a cross between an RDA and an RTA. RDAs are known for their cloud chasing abilities, while RTAs are appreciated by people looking for rebuildable atomizers with an attached e-liquid reservoir. The OBS Crius RDTA combines a high performance dual coil deck with a 4ml tank and a Goon style ULTEM wide bore drip tip for the ultimate vape experience.


This RDTA comes packed in a beautiful cardboard presentation box and is available in three colors – black, gold, and stainless steel. Besides the atomizer itself you also get a pack of goodies including a Philips head screwdriver, a set of Clapton coils, cotton, spare O-rings and a spare glass tube.


OBS CRIUS RDTAThe OBS Crius RDTA has a diameter of 24mm and a total height of 49mm. The machining is top notch and the O-rings do a great job at sealing everything in place. It’s made out of seven individual components with the 810 ULTEM drip tip on top. We then have the barrel and the airflow adjustment ring, followed by the build deck. Below the build deck we have the glass tube and finally the base with a 510 connector.

One of main pros of this particular RDTA is the build deck. This has hybrid style posts, each fitted with a clamp system at the bottom and a regular slot on top. This way you can use it with virtually any type of coil and it makes building child’s play. For simple SS/Kanthal coils just use the slots on top, while for Claptons it’s recommend to use both the clamps and slots.

The device  is intended to be used in dual coil mode, with adjustable airflow slots on each side. The e-liquid fill port is located on the side and you can easily access it after taking off the top the barrel. It wicks perfectly and we didn’t encounter any leaking problems or dry hits.


In terms of performance, the OBS Crius RDTA does an excellent job at delivering puffy, flavorsome clouds. The build deck is extremely well engineered and super easy to build on. Airflow is great, tank capacity is more than enough and build quality is just flawless. A thing worth mentioning is that if you get the Gold version, everything – including the build deck – is golden and looks great on almost any mod.