Our Review On The Transparent ABS box mod

We decided to show you a really cool gizmo today that kind of resembles the Bigfoot in both terms of form and functionality. However, there’s something about this mod that gives it a very unique appeal and it probably has something to do with the material used to manufacture it. ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common thermoplastic polymer known for its toughness and impact resistance, that makes it an excellent choice for many DIY or custom vape mods out there.

Transparent ABS mod battery coverThe transparent ABS box mod comes packed in a simple cardboard box with no extra accessories. However the mod itself looks incredible, despite it being a bit big and bulky and the design quality is more than impressive. The housing is made from thick, transparent ABS with the inner workings clearly visible from the outside. One thing that really stands out is the massive 16 gauge red and black wires that connect the batteries to the atomizer and the firing button. They give the mod that cool ‘DIY’ look besides offering great electrical conductivity.

Another great feature of this mod is the magnetic battery cover that’s also made from transparent ABS. It uses three powerful magnets to keep it tightly in place and once you slide it in it needs plenty of effort to pull it out, so the chances of it falling down on its own are virtually inexistent. The magnets also prevent rattling and allow for easy access to the batteries without having to use a screwdriver. The transparent ABS box mod also uses two magnets in its firing button, making it smooth and reliable while at the same time a pleasure to operate. All the contacts are made from silver plated copper and the voltage drop is minimal (we tested it to be around 0.3V).

On the top of the mod there’s the 510 connection that comes with an adjustable center pin and six carved airflow channels. The connection is Transparent ABS modbit recessed, it has a massive juice well and we didn’t encounter any compatibility issues with any of our 22mm tanks or RDAs. On one side there’s the shiny firing button that’s pretty responsive and on the opposite side you do get a voltage meter. And despite the fact that the voltage meter gives this mod a ‘regulated’ appearance, it’s in fact an unregulated, dual parallel fully mechanical mod. There are no MOSFETs insides, no extra circuitry, except for the batteries and the voltage meter.

The transparent ABS box mod uses two 18650 batteries, that need to be placed with their positive ends at the top and negatives at the bottom. You also get a warning inside the mod with very clear indicators on how the polarities should be like. And because there are no safety features installed, you need to be extra careful with the types of batteries you are using, especially when pairing the mod with a sub-ohm coil build. We highly recommend matching Sony VTC4 or any two other high amp batteries, bought simultaneously.

Transparent ABS mod no batteries Now, when it comes to performance, this bad boy really shines especially if you consider the price tag. You get a fully functioning dual parallel box mod that can last for years and that hits like a total beast. You can used it with any of the sub-ohm tanks and with any RDA. Vapor production is amazing, and if you don’t mind something square and bulky in your hand, then this might just be the perfect mod for you. The build quality is good, and the voltage meter is going to let you know when it’s time to recharge your batteries.