Our Review On The SmokTech Magneto Mod

SmokTech logoThe Smoktech Magneto is stainless steel, size adjustable, fully mechanical mod with a bottom firing button that utilizes a magnetic switch mechanism. Inside the switch there are two magnets with the poles facing each other on the bottom firing unit. The inclusion of a magnetic switch instead of the regular spring means the firing is smoother, cleaner, without the worry of wearing out the tension  or breaking it completely. The magnetic switch also has a reverse threaded locking ring to prevent the unit from firing when not in use. While some users call it revolutionary, we just call it smart engineering. It comes with the usual 510 thread connection that allows the mod to use almost any atomizer, cartomizer or tank. The last version also features an adjustable center pin, locking ring and also has 4 ventilation holes in the bottom cap (not visible from the outside). Additionally, they have removed the spider logo from the firing button for a cleaner look.

The design is quite similar to its previous version with the same brushed finish and while some vapers were not particularly fond of the big ‘SMOK’ logo you now have the option of getting yours without this engravement. The other details however, like the creatively-etched air channels in the top cap, and the tiny shiny part right above the big locking ring that’s also reverse threaded, add to the mod’s classy and unforgettable look.

The Magneto is packed in nice looking cardboard box.  After looking inside and taking the mod into your hands you will be stunned by the build quality. And while the threads are a bit rough they still work impeccably, making the overall feel of this device very qualitative. The brass contacts offer far better conductivity than stainless steel and the telescope feature will allow for the use of a great variety of batteries like the 18350, 18490/18500, and also 18650.

There are some known compatibility issues with older RSST cartomizers so be sure to ask the vendor before ordering yours if you already own such a device.

The Magneto V2 is one of the most solid Chinese built mechanical mods you can buy. It’s an incredible piece of engineering and it will revive any atomizer or tank you might have lying around your house.  With such a smooth magnetic firing button you will be impressed each time you take a puff. The voltage drop is extremely low and you’ll be able to enjoy those thick clouds of vapor for a very long time.

If you are new to mechanical mods then this device might just be the best thing for any first timer. The performance it delivers is incredible and the price is more than reasonable.

Here are some of the characteristics of this fascinating mod:

  • shiny stainless steel coating
  • all magnetic bottom firing button
  • flush 510 connection and airflow channels
  • reverse threaded locking mechanism
  • brass pins give added conductivity
  • it’s telescopic and it can accommodate  18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries
  • you can use it with a kick  with some flat top batteries