Our Review On The Nzonic V3 Mod

The NZonic V3 is a telescoping mechanical mod, rather strikingly constructed from a mix of stainless steel and brass, with a brushed finish. It is produced in the Philippines and the design is pretty unique. The smooth yet solid feel makes this mod perfectly balanced in your hand and both the engravings on the exterior and the Swarovski crystal placed beneath the serial number give it that high quality look and feel.

Included with the mod are two center tubes (one for use with 18350 and 18500 batteries, and a longer one for use with 18650s). While switching the tubes involves a bit more effort, the trade-off is that the different sizes allow to put the mod back together with a minimum of twisting after the battery had been inserted. This mod also has an adjustable top copper pin which allows any atomizer to sit flush to the top. The contacts in the bottom tube are made of copper. In our opinion the best looking version for this mod is with an 18350 battery. The bottom-mounted firing button uses two magnets instead of springs, and has nice light feel and short throw. To lock the NZonic V3 magnetic firing button simply rotate the button locking ring clockwise and to unlock the magnetic button rotate the locking ring counter clockwise.

Another great feature is the floating center pin. This feature alone make the NZonic a great mod simply due to the fact that you can flush mount any atomizer with little or no effort. There are also two vent holes on the bottom ring that act as a security protection in case of overheating the battery. The NZonic V3 comes with a 510 atomizer connection that allows you use a lot of the available atomizers, cartomizers and tanks on the market.

When it comes to performance, it’s not one of the best mods but clearly it’s over the average. Without any extra circuits to enhance and stabilize the battery voltage, the NZonic V3 performed rather well, with a rating of 93-94% in battery retention. This might just be the Achilles’ heel of this mod, considering its big price tag but the overall performance is by far more than decent.

All in all, it’s one pretty impressive device to own and it will definitely get you noticed every time you’ll take a puff in public. Vapor production is impressive and the looks are phenomenal. Also it is the kind of mod that looks great in a private collection along other such outstanding devices, so you can’t go wrong with your NZonic.

The main features of the NZonic V3 are:

  • Accommodate any 18XXX Series Battery
  • Mechanical Locking Mechanism
  • Magnetic Firing Switch
  • Floating Positive Center Pin (0.5 mm Clearance)
  • 304 Medical / Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 99.99% Copper Positive & negative Center Pin
  • Delrin Insulator inside Top cap and Negative Contact
  • Extension Sleeve for 18650 or 18650 + Kick