Our Review On The Kamry K100 mod

Kamry logoCrafted with the extraordinary looks of the Empire PV Mod, the Kamry k100 is a remarkable fully telescopic mechanical mod that is extremely affordable and well worth every buck. It’s made out of high quality stainless steel and it features a 510 threading as oppsed to the 901 from the Empire mod. Also due to the fact that this is a bottom firing mod, there is a clear difference in size from the original. This extra length is mostly visible when using the 18350 battery. Where an 18350 battery would completely hide the center telescoping tube in the Empire mod, there is still about an inch of it visible in the K100; after many attempts with different types of batteries there is no configuration in which the telescoping tube is completely hidden.  The internal contacts are also stainless steel.

You can use  many different battery types with this mod like the 18350, 18490/18500,and 18650.

The bottom firing button is easily pressed but at the same time the spring is very well balanced to prevent accidentally enabling it when using a heavy XXL tank. The locking ring is an added bonus but you’ll always find yourself twisting it in the wrong direction. You will be able to use most 510 atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers with this chic looking mod though the small size of the slanted top may present some challenge in finding a good matching model.

You should pay attention not to over tighten the telescopic tube in terms of checking if the atomizer activates when the firing button is pressed. If you overdo it, the atomizer might just remain active without you knowing thus resulting in your battery overheating. The connection is flush with the top cap, but there are no air channels made for additional airflow. You might want to drill yourself another hole for extra airflow and a smooth draw.

When it comes to design and overall quality, this mod is made to impress and it is definitely worth the purchase price.  It has a decent amount of weight and the all of the pieces thread together quite well.

Even with the K100’s stainless steel contacts, the voltage drop is very low and the device performs stunningly.  It feels very good in the hand which is understandable for such a firm built metallic mod. It gives the best performance with a dual coil set up.

The anodized colors on the K100 are what make this mod special and very popular among users. There is an impressive array of shades to choose from and it’s going to make you stand out of the crowd no matter what your preference.

The full kit includes:

  • the mechanical mod
  • drip tip
  • two tanks
  • batteries
  • a battery charger
  • carrying case
  • a bottle of e-liquid