Our Review On The iTaste 134

Innokin_logoInnokin is a very popular brand that has really built the reputation of engineering affordable high quality AVPs that deliver the best vaping experience with breathtaking designs. Over the years they have come up with some amazing models that became iconic devices in every vaper’s personal collection. The iTaste 134 is no exception to that rule and it has one of the most avant gardist designs to date. It is a variable wattage personal vaporizer that has the looks the performance of a real winner.

It’s like a masterpiece crafted from high quality stainless steel that looks like a miniature Gatling gun and has excellent appeal. From the weapon-style carrying metallic box it comes packed to the bars surrounding the mod is a spectacular device aimed for a very particular vaping crowd. When it packs the 18650 battery, the device is impressively long measuring 146mm from end to end and almost 34mm at its widest point. And there’s a reasonable weight to match its size. But you will be quite amazed to know that the 134 has enough grip even in this configuration and feels quite nice to hold and use.

The iTaste 134 is like the Innokin’s rebel child with quite the attitude. It’s only part of a small variable wattage group with no variable voltage option. It also lacks the LCD display of most AVPs, the only controls being the firing button and the wattage rotating dial. To set the wattage you need to turn a ring located between the bottom battery section of the AVP and the upper controller area. It is the same configuration used on other devices like the eGo Twist, though the much larger size of the 134 makes it easier to read the setting, and the dial clicks into place at 0.5 watt increments, which is a big advantage in getting a very accurate setting. The rotational wheel lets you adjust the wattage from 6.5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 to 12.5 Watts.

The firing button is backlit and has the same LED feature as other of Innokin’s products. It has four drilled dots that give an accurate reading on the amount of battery you have left. Depending on the color you will always know when it’s time to change the battery.

The iTaste 134 has the popular 510 threading with means that the device can be used with other compatible devices and accessories like the iClear10 and iClear16 along with the standard 510 units. It also has the eGo style threading outside of the connector to give you an even greater choice of heating elements. On top of that there is a decorative ring that threads down over all of that with two additional air holes in it.

When talking in terms of functionality, the iTaste 134 is an excellent device from many perspectives. It provides the output wattage very close two what is indicated on the dial and it also includes many safety mechanisms like a reverse polarity protection, shot circuit protection and a 10 second cut off period.

The box includes:

  • 1x iTaste 134 mod
  • 1x iClear30 Dual coil Clearomizers with rotatable drip tip
  • 1x Beauty ring

The overall look of this device and its stunning performance make it an excellent candidate for a collectable that packs a lot of vaping power. If you can overcome the lack of an LCD screen of the option of variable voltage then this AVP might just be the best one you’ll ever puff on considering the price range.