Our Review On The Bandit Mechanical Mod by ISM Vape

Mechanical mods have always fascinated us, mainly because of their blend of ruggedness, elegance and brute force in comparison with regulated advanced personal vaporizers. Much like a ’65 Ford Mustang has that authentic true American appeal in comparison with a technological advanced Asian super-car like the Nissan GT-R, a mechanical mod is going to always find a crowd that absolutely adores it. And today we are not talking about your average mech mod, because we tested the Bandit from ISM Vape and fallen in love like never before.

Also called ‘the working man’s mod’, the Bandit is clearly destined for people that are doing a lot of physical work with their hands and don’t need a delicate gizmo that could easily be damaged or ruined in such conditions. This is a solid, heavy-duty mechanical mod that features rubberized grip bands for increased maneuverability and that also comes in several choices of color. In a way it kind of resembles those industrial barrels only it’s more elongated and appealing. It is 100% made in the United States by ISM Vape and comes in stainless steel, copper and even different colors like pink, red or blue with industrial motifs. So we are looking at an authentic mechanical mod that’s crafted of high quality materials and sold at an affordable price.

When it comes to packaging, we have to say this is one of the most original ideas we’ve seen so far. The Bandit Mechanical Mod comes inside a plastic tube-shaped box with red caps and with that authentic all American feel to it. It doesn’t come with any accessories and it’s powered by a single 18650 battery. It’s pretty heavy and it’s incredibly solid – you could drop it, bang it against the wall and it will still vape. The threading is excellent and it’s the prefect go-to kid of mod.

the_bandit2If you take off the bottom cape you will notice the huge pin that’s in contact with the negative pole of the battery. It is made from 145 copper and it ensures perfect conductivity with minimal voltage drop. Also the firing button is concave and spring loaded so it doesn’t misfire. The great thing about the Bandit Mechanical Mod is that the spring has that industrial feel to it and it’s very difficult to press with your little finger. You can take it apart and clean it thoroughly but you do have to use a lot of power to press that spring in order to unscrew the pin. So again, it follows the ‘working man’ theme that doesn’t need a fragile mod but something that’s dependable and rugged.

So the Bandit Mechanical Mod is made of three individual parts – the bottom cap, the main battery tube that features 5 grip O-rings, and the top cap with the 510 connection. There is no floating pin inside, but a telescopic adjustment mechanism that lets you have a flush connection with your tank and also prevent any battery rattle. There are no airflow channels on the top side but many of the tanks or RDAs you are going to use this with don’t require it.

And speaking about tanks, the Bandit probably works best with either the Aspire Atlantis or the Kanger Subtank Mini. It’s not a mod designed for cloud chasing but it can handle sub-ohm RTAs and RDAs with no problem. We do recommend using it with a powerful 30A battery to take full advantage of its power.

In terms of performance, the Bandit puts out clouds like a true beast and it’s by far one of the best performing mods we’ve ever used. It’s the perfect mod for any vaper that’s working in a factory, on the field or on a construction site. The build quality is impressive and it’s surely the kind of device that would last a lifetime. So if you have around $150 to spend on a solid performer than the Bandit Mechanical mod is everything you’ll ever need.