Our Review On The Tesla M5

Tesla M5 black and silverA new Avant-Gardiste looking mechanical mod aimed at beginners, the Tesla M5 packs all the qualities for a true champion and excels in simplicity. The design will clearly make you stand out, with the nice aluminum bars surrounding the body similar to Innokin’s 134, but giving this particular model a ‘nuclear reactor’ kind of look.

It comes packed a simple white cardboard box and doesn’t include any accessories, however it’s reasonably priced and a great mod for beginners to try out some rebuildable coils and enjoy the full power of a mechanical. Out of the box, you’ll notice that the bars need a bit of tightening but once you fix them in place the mod feels quite solid with no wobbles. It comes in two colors (black and gold) and it can accommodate an 18650 battery. This is not a telescopic / adjustable mod therefore it has a fixed length of 118.5mm, weighing around 125 grams. The total exterior diameter is around 27mm.

The Tesla M5 mod is made up of two distinctive parts: the top cap and the body. The top cap comes with an adjustable center pin (as opposed to the M2) and it will fit flush with any tank or atomizer you mount on top of it. It’s both 510 and eGo threaded, making it compatible with a great variety of products on the market today. It comes with two venting holes on the side just under the aluminum bars and that’s great for preventing the battery from overheating.

This mod however has an Achilles’ heel and it’s located at the bottom. The fully mechanical spring loaded firing button is a bit wobbly and if you press it several times while puffing on the Tesla, you’ll notice it comes out of its socket. It doesn’t come with a bottom cap, therefore the battery is in permanent contact with the pin on the inside and the outer button screws right under it. This is something that can be fixed if you’re good with your hardware skills and some people haven’t encountered this problem from what we’ve noticed, but we thought it’s something worth mentioning. The button does come with a nice reverse threaded locking mechanism, which is ideal if you want to sit it upright or carry it in your pocket and this works like a charm.

We’ve used the Nautilus to test out the Tesla M2 and we were more than satisfied with the results. Nice big clouds of delicious vapor accompanied by a good throat hit and lots of flavor. At around $32 this is a cheap mechanical mod that performs quite good if you can handle the wobbly firing button. It’s a great product for beginners but if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated we suggest taking out a few more dollars out of the pocket.