Our Review On The Tesla 60W Metal Box Mod

So there’s a lot of controversy at the moment regarding temperature control, with some devices actually doing this and others not performing that great so when we received the Tesla 60W Metal Box Mod we thought – ‘Yeey! Another mod we can test temperatures with!’ but we were a bit disappointed. This is because the mod we got doesn’t actually have temperature control,  despite the fact that on the Tesla website it clearly states there is a single 60W metal box mod and it comes with ‘TC’ (temperature control) and it even shows a range of settings. We don’t know if it’s able to achieve new features via a firmware upgrade or there are two distinct models of the 60W Metal Box Mod but the fact is ours lacks the ability.

However, after we tested the device we were really impressed by its performance so we decided to make a review for it even though it doesn’t come with a temperature sensor. And the things that we liked the most were the build quality, materials used and wattage range so let’s take a closer look at this lovely mod.

Tesla 60W Metal modThe Tesla 60W Metal Box Mod comes packed in the same quality black box that splits in two and you can pull the top off for one of the nicest product presentations ever. It does come with only the mod and a small manual but that’s no biggie since we weren’t expecting anything else. The ‘Tesla’ logo is clearly engraved on the box and you also get a scratch and check sticker for authenticity. The first thing you will notice about this device is its sturdiness and the fact that it’s made from solid aluminum. Then when you start holding it, you’ll notice the small form factor and how great it fits in your hand.

On the top side there’s the silver plated copper pin, adjustable 510 connection that’s a bit bigger than in the case of other box mods and comes with multiple grooves for accessories that require bottom airflow. On the bottom side you can spot the micro USB charging port and the battery cap, that for some reason is covered in plastic instead of the same metal as the 510 connection. The threading is good and we didn’t encounter any issues with our batteries, especially because the bottom pin is adjustable as well. We really liked the curved contour of the mod that fits great  between the fingers and makes it easy to access the buttons. And speaking about buttons you do get a firing one, two smaller adjustment ones and a display on the main side of the Tesla 60W Metal Box Mod.

The mod is powered by an external 18650 battery, that you need to purchase separately and it can be charged via a micro-USB cable from youTesla 60W Metal black pc or laptop or with an external charger. A small negative is that the device isn’t pass-through so this means you can’t vape on it while it’s charging. The 0.8 inch screen is quite generous and it shows the current wattage, corresponding output voltage, atomizer resistance and remaining battery. Changing the wattage is done via the two (+) / (-) buttons and you can choose any value between 7.0W and 60W in 0.1W increments. The minimum atomizer resistance you can use with the Tesla 60W Metal Box Mod is 0.18Ohm and the maximum is of 3.5 Ohms.

The maximum output current is 17.5A so you can easily use a 20A battery to power the mod. It comes with short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and low voltage warning. You can also easily change the display if you are left handed or right handed.

Performance wise, this small box mod delivers and impressive amount of power that’s consistent throughout the whole battery life. There is a bit of rattle but nothing to annoying and also a small delay from pressing the power button and actually hearing the atty heating up. Overall it’s a lovely mod that performs great and that comes at a very reasonable price tag. It’s super solid and it can handle multiple drops so it’s going to last for years.