Our Review On The IPV V3 150W

Clearly, the most powerful mod we’ve ever tested so far, the IPV V3 is an absolute beast in terms of size, battery capacity and vapor production. It’s made by Pioneer4you and it’s going to really impress the whole vaping community because this baby is able to deliver 150 Watts of pure e-smoking delight. The build quality is very good and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. They did leave the window for the touch sensor on the top, but the feature has been discontinued after so many people complained about it on the IPV V2.

As a notice, this mod is extremely powerful and certainly not a toy. We recommend you buying it only if you are familiar with powerful mods and know your way with electronics. We also recommend you use only high drain batteries with this beast that have at least a 30Amp limit (we used SONY VTC5). The V3 is powered by two 18650 batteries.

The IPV V3 comes packed in a black cardboard box and inside you will find the mod, a manual, a warranty, a micro USB cable, and a bag of goodies that includes a screwdriver and two screws. The people at Pioneer4you listened to the complaints of all the IPV V2 users and decided not to use Philips screws any longer so on this model you will find hex (Allan) screws.

The V3 is a lot bigger than its predecessor in both height and width and it does come with chamfered edges. The size is obviously bigger because it needs to house the two batteries. Another thing to notice is that the USB cable inside the box is not used for charging but for firmware updates. The good news is that the company will constantly upgrade the device making it even more powerful but the bad news is that it doesn’t come with a charger out of the box. Even though there is charging port located on the same side with the LED screen, the company decided not to tell us the voltage or the amps required or even if the charging features works or not. We suspect they will sell a charger in the near future but until then, you will have to take out the screws and batteries each time you run out.

In terms of functionality, it has a firing button and two smaller buttons to adjust the settings with. The LED screen is bright and it shows the current watts, output voltage, atomizer resistance and the remaining battery charge. The mod can go from 7 to 150W in various increments. It goes from 7 to 100 in 0.1 watt increments and after 100W it goes all the way to 150 in 1W increments. It also has a nice memory feature to memorize your five favorite wattage settings.IPV V3 black silver

In terms of performance, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that the IPV V3 is an absolute beast. It works splendid around the 110-110W limit and the clouds it delivers are mind blowing. Seriously, we have to say this mod is probably the best in terms of vapor production with our 70VG e-juice. The clouds are just ridiculous and in the hour it took us to test it thoroughly, we managed to get the whole office filled with the delicious strawberry mist.