Our Review On The Gravity Mod by Surric Vapes

If you are interested in a high quality, 100% USA made mechanical mods then you are going to be thrilled about this review because today we are taking a look at the Gravity Mod by Surric Vapes, which comes with a color matching Galaxy RDA and it’s built to impress. Ours came in grey, but there are plenty of available colors like Pink, White, Black, Red, Tiffany Blue (Beach Blue), a great choice for girl vapers.

NOTE: We’re sorry to announce that the Gravity Mod is no longer available.Find the most powerful Vape mods here

Gravity mechanical Mod pinkThis is an authentic mechanical mod and you can spot the quality straight away from the sturdiness combined with very light weight of the product. Also the threading is top notch, the contacts are designed for minimum voltage drop and finish is impeccable. Clearly a mod machined to perfection that only needs a battery and some coils to bring you the ultimate satisfaction.

The Gravity Mod comes packed in a blue cardboard box and inside you will find the fully assembled mod, the Galaxy RDA mounted on top and a wide bore chuff drip top. The color of the RDA matches the battery tube and you cannot buy it in combos (which would have been great, especially with the black and white color). The first thing you will notice about it is the very light weight due to the fully aluminum body. While some vapers might argue that this makes the mod feel ‘clone cheap’ we believe it’s a great alternative to those super heavy mods that can sometimes rip your shirt pocket. The threading is excellent and this baby will work with any good quality 18650 battery. We recommend going for a Sony VTC4 or anything equal or above the 25A continuous discharge rate.

Taking this mod apart, it’s made of three individual parts: the bottom cap, which includes the magnetic firing button, the battery tube and the top cap that features and adjustable copper pin. If you would like the use the Gravity Mod with any other RDA or tank you simply need to adjust the center pin until it makes perfect contact. Both the bottom and top caps are made from stainless steel and are fitted with copper contacts to minimize any voltage drops. They really complement the looks of the mod and paired with the Galaxy RDA it makes for a great combo.

Galaxy RDAThe Galaxy RDA has three posts, with the positive one made from copper and the two negative ones from stainless steel. The tube gets connected to the base via a single O-ring and then the top cap similarly gets sealed in place. It features a matching drip tip, but if you want to experiment with cloud chasing then you can remove the top cap and replace it with the wide bore chuff drip to. This provides excellent full lung hits and the airflow is just amazing. The only negative side to this atty is the fact that the holes on the posts are very small and it can be a bit difficult to pass the wire through them from the first try. However, once you get the hang of it it’s no real biggie.

The bottom cap features the firing button that’s acted by three rare earth magnets and it feels super responsive and smooth. We didn’t encounter any issues with it and surely it’s the type of switch that’s going to last for years if you clean it on a regular basis.

Also because it’s a light weight mechanical mod that comes in the very popular Beach Blue (or Tiffany Blue) color it’s going to have a lot of success with the female audience, so if you are a girl looking for a great e-cig that’s going to get you noticed – the Gravity Mod Kit is a great way to go.

When vaping on the Gravity, you will notice that it hits remarkably well and it’s the kind of mod you can experiment cloud chasing with. The extra Chuff Drip Top is going Gravity Mod pinkto help you puff out some incredible clouds if you pair it with a sub-ohm dual coil configuration. The only thing you need to look out for is the type of battery you are using. Seriously, if you have doubts about the quality or continuous discharge rate, better go out and buy a high end battery. It’s always best to be safe than sorry.

The device is very responsive, the voltage drop is minimum and the flavor is very good with the Galaxy RDA. To only downside to this beautiful mod is probably going to be the price, which makes it out of the reach of casual vapers. At around $150, this authentic is clearly destined for those who can afford the quality. But overall, a fantastic gizmo in any respected vaper’s arsenal.