Our Review On The Flagship V2 Mechanical Mod by SMK Mods

Today is going to be very special folks, because we are going to take a close look at yet another all American made mechanical mod that’s reasonably priced and hits like an absolute beast. We have received the Flagship V2 Mechanical Mod five days ago for the purpose of a review and it’s one incredible piece of machinery made from high quality 122/145 copper and with a very interesting firing button at the bottom. This mod is also available in 304 stainless steel, depending on your choice but we really love the copper finish because you also get a nice patina after only a few days of usage.

Flagship V2 top and bottom capsThis mod has clearly been machined to perfection and designed for a minimum voltage drop. For all those of you who are familiar with the Flagship V1, the V2 comes with even bigger copper contacts and a wider firing button housing that’s both spring loaded and uses ball bearings for a smooth and equal press.

The Flagship V2 Mechanical Mod comes packed in a black cardboard tube shaped box and inside you will only find the assembled mod and a certificate of authenticity. However, you don’t get a serial number with it that you can check online; it’s only some instructions on how to take the firing button apart when cleaning the mod, the manufacturing date that’s hand written and the SMK signature.  But no worries there, as the mod looks and feels 100% authentic. You don’t get a matching RDA with this device, but considering it has a diameter of 22mm you can fit any type of 510 threaded accessory on top of it, from your standard dripper to even one of these new fancy sub ohm rebuildable tank atomizers.

Side by side with the Flagship V1, the V2 has a smaller firing button (even though the housing is bigger) and it protrudes a lot less in comparison with its predecessor. The initial button was also pretty stiff and it was a bit hard to pinky-fire the mod. Now all of the issues have been fixed and the spring requires a lot less force to press it. Another feature is the removable firing pin that can be replaced or customized. We also know that the guys at SMK are probably going to market a hybrid version of this mod, where the top cap and battery tube are made from a single piece of metal.

Taking the Flagship V2 Mechanical Mod apart, it’s made from three separate pieces – the top cap with the floating center pin in the 510 connection, the battery tube (by the way it only works with 18650 batteries), and the star of the show – the new and improved bottom cap with the firing button. It features a copper plated spring and also three spring loaded copper ball bearings to give a smooth an authentic feel when pressing the button. The ball bearings help distribute the force equally and glide on the bottom cap to make this button unique. On the exterior you do get the engraved SMK pirate ship logo and the name of the mod, which ads an extra aesthetics boost.

The top cap has a floating pin, but it’s not threaded on the battery end to adjust for battery rattle. This is done from the bottom by unscrewing the delrin insulator ringFlagship V2 Mechanical mod around the copper pin until the battery fits perfectly. Also the threading on the Flagship is buttery smooth and the seams between the caps are very hard to notice from a distance. Same quality threading was used for the 510 connection and we didn’t encounter any issues with any of our RDAs or tanks.

In terms of performance you notice straight away that the voltage drop is minimum with this mod because it hits with so much power. We’ve used our SONY VTC4 battery and our Nucleus RDA and were more than satisfied with the results. Clouds of vapor, intense flavor and a very very smooth and pleasurable firing button. Surely, the Flagship V2 Mechanical Mod is going to make any esteemed vapor jump with joy and excitement.