Our Review On The Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod

Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod A true masterpiece exquisite in both form and functionality, the Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod is crafted in the United States and is one of the best mods we’ve tested in 2014. Designed with so much precision and attention to details, the Chillum is CNC machined from high-grade lead-free naval brass and feels extremely solid and durable. We didn’t stumble upon such a well build mechanical since we’ve tested the Nzonic V3 almost a year ago.

It comes packed in very chic looking wooden box painted in black and besides the mod inside you will find a certificate of authenticity and a premium warranty. The Tantra is manufactured in Los Angeles, it’s an authentic mod, and each one has its own serial number alongside the certificate of authenticity. Once you open the box and take a look at this mechanical you’ll notice that even though it’s made from brass it doesn’t share the same look as lower priced models, having that whiter vibe that clearly sets it aside. This is probably due to the combination of navy brass and 304 stainless steel and the interesting thing is that you won’t see that usual patina even after vaping on it for a couple of weeks.

The Chillum Tantra is a telescopic mod with a total length of 96mm when it 18650 mode but it can also accommodate a single 18350 battery (67mm length). It is made up of four distinct parts – a top cap, the body, the 18650 tube and the bottom cap. The top cap has the floating / adjustable center pin that’s made from brass. It can be adjusted on the positive battery side so it will fit it perfectly. On the top side you will notice the 8 airflow channels for the tanks and a vent hole for the battery. The threading is excellent as you might expect from a premium product and everything fits together just perfectly. The exterior diameter is 22mm so it makes it compatible to flash mount with a wide range of tanks and rebuildable atomizers.

The bottom cap includes the firing button, which even though it’s spring loaded, feels the same as one of those high-quality magnetic switches. The guys at Chillum managed to design a unique button that’s smooth as silk but doesn’t fire under the mod’s weight when standing upright. These details are what a premium mod is all about. It comes with a good quality reverse threaded locking mechanism that works flawlessly and has the nice ‘Chillum’ logo engraved on it, alongside the ‘Made in the USA’ text.

As you might expect, this device performs like a mod from the upper league and considering it has a voltage drop of only 0.19 it’s probably one of the best mechanical mods you’ll ever own. Spectacular vapor production, incredible flavor and ideal for sub-ohm builds. The price tag may seem a bit far out of reach, but this is a mod that will last for a lifetime and will probably maintain its value for many years. It’s a nice collectable for all you vaping enthusiasts out there.