Our Review On The Bigfoot Box Mod by Cigreen

Bigfoot Box Mod by Cigreen

The first time you look at this device you are probably going to say something like ‘Oh, not another regulated high wattage bulky vaporizer’, but you are in for quite a surprise because in fact, this is an unregulated, parallel, fully mechanical box mod with a lot of attitude.

Cigreen BigfootBuilt from high quality 6063 Aluminum, the Bigfoot Box Mod is one of the heaviest mods we have ever tested and a true beast when it comes to vapor production and throat hit. It’s big and bulky but at the same time it feels sturdy and the finish is fantastic. The novelty about this mod is that you can take it apart completely in order to clean it or make small adjustments to the pins. Everything fits perfectly and there is no rattle despite the fact that the door is magnetic, but we are going to get to that later.

So, the Bigfoot Box Mod comes packed in a cardboard box with the Cigreen logo on the top left and some engravings in the corners that resemble flowers. Inside the box you will find the mod, the user’s manual and a large ‘Allan’ key – used to loosen and adjust the whole 510 connection assembly. This is particularly desired when the button doesn’t make good contact or when you want to clean it thoroughly.

Looking at this massive box mod you will notice the 510 connection at the top, which is spring loaded, surrounded by a Delrin O-ring, and fitted with four air channels. We didn’t encounter any tanks or RDAs that didn’t fit on top of it and the conductivity is excellent. On the side of the Bigfoot Box Mod you are going to spot the big, round firing button with the ‘Cigreen’ logo etched on it, which feels great and has an awesome clicking sound to it. From what we can tell, the button is magnetic but there’s no clear info on the manufacturer’s website. Moving on to the opposite side, there are 12 air holes drilled in the body to help keep the two batteries cool and ventilated.  On the base you will also notice a hole, but that’s not for venting as it is used to screw the negative pins in place. On the back there’s an engraved serial number that you can check for authenticity.

The battery door is made also from aluminum and is fitted with 5 magnets to keep it neatly in place. As opposed to other box mods with magnetic doors, the Bigfoot is probably one of the best in terms of seal and rattle. This mod is powered by two parallel 18650 batteries, that need to be mounted with the positive sides up and the best thing is that you can independently adjust each of the pins by taking the frame out. And speaking of the contacts, they are all silver plated to significantly reduce any voltage drop.

Because this mod is fully manual, it doesn’t come with any MOSFETs so it only depends on the batteries you are using. And because there are Cigreen Bigfoot side viewno safety mechanisms, you have to be very careful to always mount the batteries as indicated on the box (positive side up for both of them). That is probably the main concern with the Bigfoot Box Mod as it’s unregulated.

In terms of performance, this best has totally stunned us with its extreme cloud capabilities. Vapor production is at its very best and the flavor and throat hit are phenomenal. This mods hits incredibly hard so you will need to look out for the nicotine concentration when you are using a sub-ohm coil.

Overall,  the Bigfoot is a great mod that’s going to last for years and it comes at a great price too. So if you love mechanicals and especially box mechanicals then go for it, it’s one of the best value for money mods out there.