Battery Reviews

Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 Image

Innokin iTaste CLK 1280

Our Review On The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 The competition between accessible yet powerful eGo vape style devices is getting fiercer and fiercer with so many reputable companies releasing not one but several products in an effort to a...

Kanger IPOW 2 Image

Kanger IPOW 2 1600mAh Battery - Our review on the IPOW2

Electronic cigarettes have really progressed in the last few years and we bet many of you veteran vapers out there are jealous on the performance of the entry level devices that smokers today can choose from when making the switch from tobacco. We all remember our first eGo batteries, like the ...

Tesla Spider 2 Image

Tesla Spider 2

Tesla Spider 2 review Tesla is a Chinese vape manufacturer that’s not as famous as other companies but it’s steadily building a strong reputation and a happy clientele. With numerous products released on the market in the past year, besides the mech...

Innokin iTaste VV4 Image

Innokin iTaste VV4

Our Review On The Innokin iTaste VV4 The VV3 was probably one of the best-selling mods of 2014 and it helped thousands of smokers to cut down on or quit tobacco entirely mainly because of the performance to price range ratio that went almost unbeatable. And of course if you are a repu...

Tesla One Image

Tesla One

Tesla has recently released two brand new products on the market, one of which – the Tesla Two – we talked about only a couple of weeks ago. This new series of mods appeals greatly to beginners or to those who want a back-up device for their more powerful gizmos. And we really like this about...

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery Image

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

Today we are going to take a look at one of the hottest selling products in recent months, and it’s not a mechanical mod or any advanced personal vaporizer – it’s a battery. But not any battery, as it’s built by Aspire to pair with their Atlantis tank, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever...