Is the new Lotus VapeCase the future of vaping?

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Image of Lotus VapeCase – The future of vaping

With so many recent developments in the e-cigarette industry, we shouldn’t be surprised about stunning new devices hitting the market but the Lotus VapeCase is clearly an exception. While it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, this device is real and you can own one for only $119.99.

Lotus Vape CaseIt is the brainchild of Lotus Vaping Technologies, one of the nations’ premier distributors of vapor products and e-liquids, and it is basically a case wrapped around your mobile phone that acts as both an added layer of protection and an ecigarette – that allows the same features we’ve all become used to, such as variable voltage adjustment and power protection.

This device came to existence in an effort to fit your mobile phone will most of your day-to-day necessities, including the urge of getting your nicotine fix without having to carry around two different gadgets in your pocket. Already your phone incorporates a camera, an mp3 player, a GPS navigation utility and organizer so adding a variable voltage personal vaporizer to the equation seems like an extraordinary idea. You rarely leave the house without your cellphone and you take extra good care and caution with it, so why not do the same thing with your e-cigarette simultaneously.

The VapeCase comes packed with a lot of features that are going to impress you right from the start:

  • 2000mAh 3.7v Li-ion battery pack
  • 4 Stage Variable Voltage
  • LED Array Battery Level Indication
  • Ignition Indicator LED Light
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 510 Atomizer / Cartomizer / Tank connector
  • 510 to eGo adapter  (we do not recommend using adapters on high voltage and/or low Ohm setups)

This device also has some incredible safety features included: 15A Power protection, Over / under charge protection, self-shutoff short circuit protection (connecting to the wall charger will restart the device). The VapeCase voltage output can be adjusted from 2.7V all the way up to 5V.

It was originally designed for the iPhone 5/5s and it fits these devices like a glove. But as this case catches on and builds up its reputation it will be available for many other phone models like the iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3 and HTC One.

Just sit back and imagine how it would be like for you to browse the internet on your phone and take nice long puffs from your favorite e-cigarette flavor at the same time. This is clearly a device that is going to make history and owning one will be a great pride. And as the technology keeps on evolving, we might just find ourselves one day with this sort of device interacting with our iphone through the help of an app. I bet you’d love to set your voltage/wattage only with the help of a few touches on the screen and also get a lot of information and statistics about your vaping habit.

From our point of view, this is certainly the type of accessory that would have a big impact on the vaping community and iphone users all over.

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