World’s most expensive ecigarette

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Being such popular devices, it’s no wonder that extravagance slowly found its way into the ecigarette business. Vaping has always been considered a cheaper and wiser alternative to smoking but when it comes to Russian oil magnates “cheap” is not the usual option. And what could make a better present for a billionaire’s girlfriend than a £550,000 ($890,000) e-cigarette?

Caring to much about the girl’s unhealthy habit, this generous oligarch decided to give her the ultimate vaping experience. He approached British e-cigarette maker Shisha Sticks with a proposal to take these devices to whole new level. The designers were told that, within reason, money was no object on the project so they were free to let their imagination run wild in creating this custom made personal vaporizer.

We all know that people having a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle invest a lot of money in statement accessories and this wasn’t any different. This classy e-cigarette is fitted with 246 superb 2-karat gems,  each of them going for 2900 dollars, and also 46 yellow “Swarovski” crystals. The battery has a 6 karat gemstone worth going for 75,000 dollars and on its tip it has a button made of gold.  The tanks is crafted of genuine “Murano” glass and sits on a base made of gold.

 The masterpiece was called “Shisha Sticks Sofia” and it does clearly worth more than most people earn in a lifetime, it's the world’s most expensive ecigarette!

“This was a dream brief for us. We were asked to design the ultimate shisha vaping device for class, style and luxury” said Anthony Mixides, who was tasked with building the ecig. “Once the design was approved we set about sourcing the finest diamonds, yellow crystals, glass and gold available. It took over four months to design, but this is without doubt the finest Shisha stick ever produced.”

Even though it may seem like something from the famous show “Meet the Russians”, this luxurious device would definitely get the lucky lady MostExpensive Ecigto stand of the crowd and it might just put an end to her hazardous smoking habit.

A guessing game began in London to identify the birthday girl and her Russian billionaire boyfriend who wished to stay anonymous, but it turns out that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been ruled out due to the fact that he is not officially British based, despite spending most time of the year clapping on his team from the VIP seats in Stamford Bridge.

Next to a fancy sports car, a gold watch and designer clothes this diamond laded ecigarette could be the hot new trend in the world of the rich and we will probably see an even more expensive device in the near future as they become more and more popular.

But no worries, even though normal ecigarettes don’t have Swarovski crystals and 24-karat gold plating they still deliver excellent taste and more and more vapers are joining the exclusivist club of the alternative to tobacco smoking.

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